Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This just made my day

So you know how life goes, there are some days that will be amazing and some days not so much.  Today was a nice day, fairly pleasant with nothing too dramatic except towards the ending of my day where I happened to get one of 'those' people who ever so slightly, threw off my groove.

But then I got home and got my two games in the mail~!!!  There were two packages on my desk and I was thinking that it might be makeup or some other item that I ordered online but they were my games.  \( "^ 0 ^" )/

It's one of those moments in life where your mood isn't all that great but then something happens that brightens up your day.

I couldn't wait so I started up the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and watched the beautifully animated opening sequence.  The game itself is great fun and a treat to feast your eyes on.  I didn't think I would like playing the game in 3D but it's actually more engaging that way; I only use the 3D on low power though.

I've only played maybe 10 minutes into the game and I'm already getting the "flowmotion" action going. ( o"  > w < "o) <  Tanoshiiiii-!!! )

I hope they add, and slightly improve this new innovation to future Kingdom Hearts games because it's just so awesome how quickly you can zoom around the environment THIS early in the game.  I remember in the first Kingdom Hearts games, you would have to wait until you got super glide to get anywhere that fast.  This is actually much faster than superglide.

I haven't gotten that far in the game yet but hopefully I can play a bit more tomorrow.  I also like those cute little pet/spirit things to keep you occupied, lol.  They sort of remind me of Nintendogs.

As for TWEWY, I didn't open that game yet.  I'll probably start playing tomorrow along with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  I wonder if it's such a good idea to be playing 3 games simultaneously.............  Haha, JOKE, why not?

I don't really know why I took a pic of all my Nintendo game consoles....  I guess it's cool seeing a size difference in the three, lol.

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じゅりあ said...

TWEWY is actually awesome :D It's made by the same people as KH
At first I sucked at flowmotion, but then I totally got the hang of it (it's like what I depended on to beat some of the bosses lol)
By the way, Traverse Town is even better in this game, at least that's my opinion--I love the new section they added on!