Monday, December 10, 2012

It's so cold these days!

I thought I'd post an official blog just about what's going on in my life right now.  The weather has gotten really cold... more like freezing actually.  The temperatures are dropping to the 20's..

Today I was off from work so I decided to make some hot miso soup!  ( *^ v ^* )


There's nothing quite like a hot soup or stew to combat a cold house.  It's funny because my dad claims that we have a lot of food in the fridge but all that 'food' he's talking about is the leftover pizza from last night.  lol

I know that in Japan, miso soup is considered more of a side dish or an appetizer but when our family makes it, it's more of a meal.  Along with the miso paste and dashi powder, I usually add:
- yellow onion
- tofu
- wakame
- daikon (sometimes)
- egg (sometimes)
- green onion (sometimes)

... and we eat it with a cooked mixture of brown and white rice!  The tofu adds a lot of bulk to the soup so it's quite filling.  I like to add the yellow onion slices because it adds a certain spicy sweetness to the soup and makes it taste so much better!  I've gotten so accustomed to adding yellow onion that I can tell right away that the soup tastes different (not as good) without it.  ;)

I went out with my mom today to the dog park just an hour before the sun went down and it was so freaking cold!  I was even wearing maybe 3 layers of jackets.  But Scruffy had lots of fun and the cold didn't seem to affect him at all.  I honestly don't know how the 20 degree weather didn't bother that little dog...  We even had to catch him before we left because he just didn't want to go and kept running off when he saw us gaining on him with the leash. lol

After we got back home, mom and I headed off to Target because that's what we do in suburbia when we're bored. xD  She bought a few tea snacks such as chocolate pretzels and I went and got Scuffy some new squeaky tennis balls.  It was so cute because he was literally shaking with happiness when I handed them over to him~!  I think I should I have taken a picture but I guess I'll have another chance because I still have some of those squeaky balls in the net.  Scruffy just loves new balls.  lmao

Then this evening, I got a fairly big surprise because my sister actually was interested in watching a new Netflix K-drama series with me.  So we ended up choosing Heartsrings.

It had some cute actors that I remember from You're Beautiful and I heard good reviews about it.  I was also highly interested in Park Shin Hye playing a normal, non-stupid character for once.

We actually liked it enough not to fast forward to the next episodes or opt out of watching it.  My sister even asked to watch ep.2.  I think this is a BIG deal for her because she's one of those Lee Min Ho worshippers who thinks he's the hottest man alive and that no other guy will surpass his hotness.  She essentially refuses to watch other dramas simply because the guy is "just not as hot as Lee Min Ho."  ( -__________- )  Yes, I am blood-related to this girl...
But apparently, she accepted Jung Yong Hwa so I dunno, maybe he'll help her get over her LMH bias.  xP

I personally think that this drama is quite slow moving but not necessarily un-enjoyable because of it.  My sis jokingly made remarks like "when will it get to the love parts???" lol

Hopefully we will continue to use this drama for the 'sisterly-bonding-time' that we haven't had for a while.






The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (on Netflix) is another show I plan to fully watch someday because my mom is so into it and I'd like to make jokes about it to her.  She's had the play on almost all the time since she's watched it so I've pretty much watched about 85% of that play already and have a ton of those songs stuck in my head. I've also gotten fairly addicted to Ramin Karimloo's vocals, even going as far as having a bias for him playing the Phantom...  But he really is an amazing performing singer and actor.  Here's a video of him singing if you don't believe me.

And one last random thought, I've been trying to find a nice, cute sweater but can't seem to find anything acceptable because I'm so picky...  I saw one at the store I work at but when I tried it on in the fitting room, it just didn't sit right on me..  But it was seriously nice and the color, material, and stitch was perfect!  It even had these cute elbow pads.  Maybe I'll try it on again if I see it. I mean, it was on sale and over-sized sweatshirts are pretty cute these days right?  :3

Anyway, Good Night world-! ( " - . - " ) z z Z z Z Z Z

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