Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making sushi for my Uncle

My Uncle from came over to our house to visit a couple days ago so I was pretty excited to cook him some of my special dishes.  We rarely get visits from relatives, mostly because we're the displaced ones, living super far away from everyone else...  Sometimes I forget what it's like to have relatives and other family over so I get really excited to show off my hosting skills when I get the chance!

One of the dishes was miso soup which he really liked and I whipped up some sushi this evening.

Soooo delicious....

He really liked them and said they were "Ono" AKA yummy. :D

I'll probably make him a bento box for the plane ride back.  I did that for my other Uncle who visited the last time.

I think there's something really special about homemade bento boxes besides their obvious beautiful and cute appeal.

It's not just food, but the time, effort, and care someone gives for someone else.  I really like making bentos because in my mind, I feel like they bring people a lot of happiness and that makes me feel happy.  (* ^ x ^ *)

I'll be going to church with my Uncle tomorrow.  It should be an interesting experience as I have never been to a church service before. 

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じゅりあ said...

that looks and sounds awesome!! Now I want Japanese food ^^