Thursday, December 6, 2012

*~The early check off of my Christmas WISHLIST~*

This was supposed to be a post about my (consisting of mostly electronics) Christmas Wishlist but I'm changing it slightly since a lot of the stuff on the wishlist has already been bought, lol.

I shall now tell you my story...  It all started on Black Friday.  I was so happy that Target decided to open earlier on that day because I had to work the next morning and this was actually my *FIRST TIME EVER* going out to get something on Black Friday!; I didn't really want my first experience of shopping on that day to be too traumatizing....  ( ~ . ~ );;

I was thinking that most people would be at Thanksgiving parties at 9pm but I was surprised to find that a lot of other people were actually waiting in line at Target possibly HOURS before I even got there at 8pm!  I thought, "Dammit, don't these people have somewhere else to be?!"  orz

This was my mission: 

1.) OBTAIN - PS3 ($199.99)...

2.) AND the Nintendo 3DS ($149.99)...

I had to wait in line for about an hour in 'freeze-your-ass-off' weather but it actually proved to be worth it, even when I was in line a whole store away from Target!

Here's my internal thoughts at that moment of triumph

I somehow obtained that PS3 super easily and I even went back to see the damage maybe 15 minutes later and there were still more there.... but unfortunately for the 3DS, the line seemed too intimidating and I had a friend with me who wanted to get the eff out of that store. xD  It wasn't even that busy in there.

So I don't have the Nintendo 3DS but I find that the original price of it isn't that bad after Black Friday is over; It was about $169.99 afterwards, only $20 more...  I eventually broke down and bought that 3DS.  

That's two items checked off this year's Christmas Wishlist!  I'm currently using the PS3 for watching Netflix because the stupid Xbox 360 requires me to pay an additional fee for using Netflix which I think is total bs.  Microsoft is being waaaay too money hungry..

I'm using an HDMI cable and it works wonders with the PS3! I swear, while I'm watching K-dramas on Netflix with the PS3 on HD, I can literally see the pores on their faces. lol  The HD also seems to 'fix' the ginormous subtitle issue I had mentioned in earlier posts.  I still have to test this fact with Boys Over Flowers because that drama in particular had ridiculously large subtitles.

I also successfully attached my Xbox 360 with another HDMI cable (that I purchased for less than $2 btw) to the TV and the game is so much clearer!  It's too bad I didn't decide to get an HDMI cable before I started playing that game. (>__<)

***BTW, I would love to mention the fact that a person should not spend over $5 for an HDMI cable.  I spent less than $2 for mine on ebay and it works great.  Also, when stores claim that the more expensive HDMI cables work better or are more beneficial than cheaper ones (which usually aren't cheap at all unless they're under $5), they're lying.  ALL HDMI cables generally have the same functionality and properties.  And if you do get a defective one, you should know right away because HDMI cables usually either work perfectly, or don't work at all.  Just try doing some research and you'll find that you shouldn't have to spend much for the HDMI cable.  This is just something I learned recently because I wanted HD on my TV which had that option and had to look for some deals for HDMI cables online.  
And one last bit of info, the HDMI cable does work for both video AND audio.  If you have limited outlets in your TV but have two HDMI ports, you can usually hook up multiple game consoles if you're using HDMI cables.  I have a really simple TV and even THAT has two HDMI outputs.  I hope this info was useful.***

After Black Friday, I was searching online for some video games that I wanted to play but never got the chance to in the past as I was probably busy with life or just too cheap to buy the games for full price. xP

Right now I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and it's quite the engaging game!  I admit I had a very biased opinion of this game when I first found out about it.  I thought that the graphics looked bad on the Nintendo DS and wished that they would have put the game on the PS2 instead, lol.  But after playing it, the creators proved to be quite adept at making the graphics look as good as they did with the console they had to work with.  I also appreciate the little sound effects they used (since there's isn't much live-action dialogue) such as the character's laughing sounds or Roxas' depressed sigh or the sound of the trio nomming on Sea Salt Ice Cream.  x3

I bought a couple other games such as The World Ends With You...

And Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance..

I haven't recieved the last two in the mail yet but I'm anxiously waiting!  xD  Can you tell I'm a Square Enix junkie yet?

And so, these are all the items from my wishlist that I've already bought.  I actually got some fairly good deals online for the games, paying no more than $22 for each of them.

I'll list the prices below because I'd like to calculate the subtotal damage:

PS3: $199.99
Nintendo 3DS: $169.99
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (used): $14.99
The World Ends With You: $19.99
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: $21.99
So the subtotal is................................     $426.95 !!!!!!  \ (@__x) /

That about how many days of me working?...  lol

The rest of the electronics on my wishlist are probably things I won't get till maybe a year or so later..  The first is the Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Isn't it beautiful?...
 Here's a size comparison between this and the Samsung Galaxy III

I am absolutely infatuated with this phone's cover design!

I'm sort of a cult Samsung believer because I have so many Samsung Electronics such as my phone, my TV, etc..  lolz  I actually got my Samsung Infuse smartphone for FREE!  And this is all due to  my patience and waiting for the prices to go down.  Hopefully I can get something close to free in the future for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, haha me and my wishful thinking!  :D

The last wishlist items are mostly Square Enix videogames that have not yet been released on the market such as FFXIII Versus, FFXIII Agito, FFXIII Lightning Returns (might as well finish off the triology right?), and KHIII.  

What's on your wishlist? :3


じゅりあ said...

omg tell me you have played the other Kingdom Hearts games first??
I am in love with that series.....
TWEWY is great! jeez I mention it so much in my own blog haha
I'm way too stingy to buy a 3ds but I want one! Weirdly my black friday experience wasn't crazy at all

MiNapi said...

@じゅりあ Yes I have! :DDD I played KHI, KHII, and KHBbS before I played KH358/2 Days. I never got to play KHCoM but nonetheless, it's not too difficult to fill in the blanks. ^^ Yeah, KH has such a complicated story but I love the complexity. I noticed! I hope TWEWY is as awesome as you say it is~! I broke down with the 3DS because I want to play KHDDD so much. xD