Monday, July 30, 2012

Dry summer

It's been quite dry this summer, physically and metaphorically speaking.  We haven't had as many summer storms in the late afternoons.  It's a bit depressing since I do miss the rain.  I remember being in Washington state to visit my dad and sis and it seemed to be always raining there.  Why can't the weather be more balanced? 

Reflecting on what has happened so far, I began my summer going to Hawaii to visit family and we stayed for a week with well planned out activities to keep us occupied.

The we got back, had a nice laid back time in June just doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, actually we did start to move shit in the house down to the basement because it WAS planned that we would be getting wooden floors in July.  But uh oh!, plans were changed when the damned thing was re-scheduled a whole month later.

So here's all my stuff in the basement including my computer and it's dark and cool down here which I admit, is very nice but it makes me sleep so much longer! D:

I also miss my room.  I go up there sometimes just to hang out because it's like my own sacred space where I can find peace.  

So while I'm in the basement with my sis and bro, mom goes on an obsessed craze painting almost every room in the house.  We sort of just left that to her.  I don't much enjoy painting the house.

Now after mom's painted, she's been a bit more annoying to everyone in the house, grumbling about this and that.  Some of what she complains about is understandable but it seems like she's going overboard.  For example, my dad works all day and when he comes home, all he wants is some TV time and sometimes she complains to him to get up and do something else.  I'm thinking, "WTH?!  He worked the whole damn day.  What does a guy have to do to get some relax time?  Is that so wrong?!"  There's a lot of those kinds of situations.
 It's like the simple activity of watching TV or being on the computer is a sin.  More the TV than the computer.  It makes me start to wish that she was still preoccupied with painting, lol.

Mom also is insisting that I move out with my siblings for the "experience" of moving out.  So basically, a temporary 'live-on-our-own escapade'.

I guess that's something I should be expecting but we're an Asian family with strong culture values.  Moving out when we get married or suddenly have an independent streak is sort of the way things are done.  In this aspect, I wish my mom was more traditional but unfortunately, she grew up in a slightly dysfunctional family.  Tradition isn't really her thing. (-__-)

I wonder why the typical American cultured parents push their children to leave so early.  I mean, kids can be independent if they have a stable job that can support them if they WERE to move out.  I think this is one of the reasons why the nuclear family culture isn't nearly as strong in the USA and why there's so many parents who are in nursing homes.  There's also the problem with American children having bad attitudes compared to other countries and I'm sure this is also because of parents pushing their kids to grow up too fast.  This makes children think they know it all and if they act like smart asses, that makes them more 'grown up'!  Kids these days have to learn to gradually respect their parents.  The longer they are around them, the more they can have more mature influence.  That's just how I feel but it would take a lot more to explain the relation between filial piety and how children grow up to become more mature and respectful people.

Back to the main topic, we may or may not be doing our little temp-move-out in a few months but I always expect the unexpected.  I don't really have such a huge issue with moving out with my siblings.  The only thing really holding me back is my dog.  We've had him for only a year and I love him so much.  I don't want to leave him behind this way.  He's not only my dog, he's my baby.  I just love that little dog to death!  (">^<")

How can I even THINK about leaving this little cutie? (>.<)

I even suggested that I could just pay money as if I were there with my siblings and remain at home with my doggies.  I would even go shopping for food with my bro and sis to help them with meals.  I'm that desperate to stay with my baby doggies.

I have all the skills I would need if I were to live on my own.  I know how to cook, clean, shop for food, do my own laundry, wash my own car, conserve electricity..  Hell, if I don't know how to do something, that's what the internet is for and I ALWAYS use it if I have any kind of question and I mean ANY question, even the stupid ones.

In my honest opinion, the ones who truly should move out and gain these valuable characteristics are my bro and sis.  They both aren't much of cooks, nor do they really clean and respect the space they live in, nor do they give a shit about conserving energy, nor do they even help with taking care of the doggies.  I think THEY should be the ones to move out.  I would go so far as to suggest that I can pay as if I were living with them in an apartment and stay home with the doggies.  I don't think they would go that far.
My parents might need me to help look after the bebes anyway.

Those are my thoughts right now.  I don't want to move out because I want to stay with my bebes.

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