Friday, July 6, 2012

My computer reset itself...

I spent all yesterday night trying to do a system restore on my computer and after all those failures, my computer decides to reset itself to factory setting. (-___________-)

Kind of annoying given that I had a ton of pictures and music saved on there but I guess shouldn't consider this such a bad thing.  I mean, I could never really feel safe shutting down my computer without wondering if it would be able to restart again (my computer had issues with restarting).  And I did get to back up a lot of pictures of my dog so it's not a total loss.  And anyway, even though I took tons, literally, thousands of pictures from trips, their main purpose was to show family when I got back and I DID get to do that.

In the end, I'm surprised that I'm so calm about losing all that info on my computer.  I guess that gives me incentive to create more pictures and memories and store them in a safer place for the future.

At the moment, my computer is running pretty well without all the extra programs I used to have.  There's just the fact that it's not connected to any internet but that can be easily fixed if I buy a new wi-fi usb drive.  I can't find the CD to the current one I have an unless I find it, it's virtually useless.  :\

I'm still continuing my summer with making lots of patbingsu for me and my parents (esp. watermelon patbingsu) as it's sooooo refreshing and a note to myself, GREAT job on posting the Korean food pictures BEFORE my computer wiped all my files.  I give myself a pat on the back for not procrastinating!  :D  The sweet azuki beans just ran out today after mom ate a patbingsu before work (she's addicted) so currently I'm boiling more of those.  I also made another batch of sukjunamul.  It turned out a lot better this time since I used less salt.  *An important tip in cooking is that you can easily add something but it's not so easy to take it away; it doesn't hurt to use less of it (I'm usually talking about sugar or salt).  Now that I think about it, I seriously have to get off my ass and start cooking different kinds of banchan (Korean side dishes).

I've now got most of the stuff moved out of my room.  I just have to find a place to put all my clothes.  I'm starting to sleep in the basement already because I feel I should get used to my new living arrangement while I have the chance.  It's really nice and cool down here.  I'll be stuck in the basement for about 10 days with the rest of the fam while the wood flooring is being put in.  I'm so excited, our house will be more like a traditional Japanese/Korean household with wood floors! \(^o^)/
I'll have to figure out what to do with the doggies while all this is going on.  They can't stay in the basement forever. (>_<)

I'm my brother's room right now on mom's computer and my mattress and most of my things are already here in the basement with me.  I recently borrowed a lot of library books to pass the time.  A few are quite interesting with one of them being about how to artistically chop food and an international book about different kinds of sushi. x3  A cool thing is that I found a book called "The Just Bento Cookbook" by one of my favorite bloggers, Itoh Makiko!  I'm so happy that Itoh-san finally has her own cookbook!  It's very clean cut and nicely made.  Most of the other books I borrowed are vampire/romance books, lol.  There are times in my life where I can't stay away from dark romance fiction.

I might go out soon and buy some movie tickets to see a few that I've set my eye on.  One of the movies I definitely want to see is that new Amazing Spiderman movie.  I also want to see the Pixar Brave movie, I heard good things about it.  Sis insists that she wants to see Ted.  I feel like that movie is gonna be so raunchy... xP

Dad is watching Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows upstairs.  I tried watching but I couldn't get into it.  So I went downstairs to finish watching episode 9 of the k-drama, Big.  Sherlock holmes is very visually appealing but storywise, it seems meh.  Sherlock and Watson also have these arguments between themselves where most of the time I don't know wth is going on, lol. 

It's actually raining today, so much that I couldn't even give my doggies their late afternoon walk. (T_T)  I usually don't like to go outside in the mid-afternoon because it's like an inferno oven at that time.  It's been so hot these days that I felt like it wouldn't rain again for a while if not at all.  According to the weather forecast, it seems like the thunderstorms of the summer have finally kicked in, at least for roughly a week.  We seriously need the rain.

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