Friday, July 13, 2012

Cooking fried food is a B**CH-!.... But SO worth the efforts.

Yes in every sense of the word, I do mean that.  But in the nicest way possible.

Somehow I got tangled up in making chicken katsu for my bro after another one of his 'deals'.  I went ahead and said I would make chicken katsu within the week.  True to my word, I did.  It turned out great too aside from the fact that I was in the kitchen 5 hours straight cooking AND cleaning.

Here's the results:

I made a double batch so that's probably the reason why I took so long...  But at least the katsu lasted more than a day!

My bro also requested I make korokke which is a Japanese potato mixture shaped into flat ovals, dipped into batter and panko, and fried; it's similar to any other type of tempura except it's potato mix.  I ended up cooking the korokke the next day because I was just too exhausted from cooking the chicken katsu.

The korokke turned out great too but I ran out of panko *waah* so I couldn't fry all of them.  So the first few korokke were the same color and texture as the chicken katsu but all the rest turned out more yellow-ish because of the lack of panko flakes. lol  They all still had the crispy texture so not a total loss if not for aesthetics.

So crispy...  (">w<")

Moral of the story is, frying food is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  You might get splashed with oil which hurts like a bitch, have to clean up the monstrous mess you make, and plan to stand up for a loooooong time.  The results are generally always worth your efforts if you plan right but the benefits will be for whoever gets to eat right away; most likely, that won't be you, lol.

I believe I started frying the chicken katsu at 7pm yesterday and didn't get to eat until midnight...  (T^T)
The korokke wasn't nearly as bad with the prepping but I was sad that I ran out of panko and couldn't finish the job with all my little potato patties.

I also made dog food today.  I'm seriously contemplating on buying a vegetable slicer, more specifically, a carrot slicer.  We cut baby carrots to mix into the dog food and to me it's a certain form of torture cutting all those little carrots into tiny pieces..  And when I think about buying a vegetable slicer, I also wonder if I should get a juicer.  I saw it on this show with the girl making fresh juice for her dad and thought that what can be any healthier than making your own fresh juice?  I hope these things don't turn out to be too expensive.  Ugh, I'm trying to save now too, bleeeeeeeh......

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