Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gossip Bug

Today was my first day back to work after a week.  For some reason, I was overly hyper today.  But it wasn't like I entered work feeling like the social butterfly of the year.  I started my day walking in on one of my fellow associates from my home department and she loves to talk; I mean, she REALLY loves to talk.  So I entertain her by sticking around, (mostly) listening.

I think it all started when I ran into one of my previous teachers a little bit later.  Only problem is, it's been 10 whole years since I've seen the lady so although I clearly recognize her face, I cannot for the life of me connect her face to 'who' she is.  This is probably the first time I felt like I had memory loss or a form of amnesia.  I felt pretty stupid because she obviously knew who I was but I had no idea who she was.

Anyone else run into this etiquette hell?  So she comes over and gives me a big hug and I sort of go along with it because I do recognize her; I just have no idea of who she is.  I couldn't cover up my oblivion so I came out clean and told her I can recognize her face but don't know where she's from.  I was pretty flustered because I was embarrassed that I couldn't even remember my own teacher even though she clearly remembered me.

From that point on, I started to get real babbly.  I always get yappy when I'm nervous, I really hate it!  It's like a super bad habit!  I get nervous, then try to fill in any empty space with conversation...  Even I get surprised with my breath control as I let out super long phrases in a single breath.

So after all that, I start to chat up one of my other coworkers who's in the same department as me, talking about my funny experience meeting a teacher I haven't seen in years.  I don't know what happened afterward but then I started to talk about other coworkers.  The whole time, my subconscious is screaming at me, "WHY?!" but I can't explain and continue blabbing.  Maybe it was because I was still feeling anxious from the embarrassment of not knowing my own teacher....  I have no idea.  I don't really think I was talking crap but it was parallel to it.  I personally don't like stooping to talking about other people's business because it makes me feel bad afterward and I ask myself why I even care.

Perhaps as a Human being, we're naturally nosy and curious to know about our fellow Humans.  Or it could be me not wanting to divulge any of my personal information to others and so without much of myself to talk about, I talk about other people.  Hm, it seems that I've answered my own question!  So I got gossipy today because:

1.) I'm a private person who is too stingy to give out detailed info about my own life.


2.) I was nervous and therefore, overly talkative.

Both of these things combined made me all the more susceptible to being a gossipy biatch!  I've gotta work on my nervous babbling issues.


SuperDrew said...

I kind of have the same issue, but when I'm nervous I don't usually babble about random things. I have many many stories from my life, so usually I'll start with, "I remember this one time.." and weave a tale until I want to leave or the other party leave. I feel your pain though, when brain tells you to stop and you just can't.

MiNapi said...

@SuperDrew: Haha, well, it's better than getting all gossipy like me! x)

SuperDrew said...

@MiNapi: I try not to gossip because it's kinda stupid and it hurts people sometimes. I had a vicious rumor about me in high school that made it hard for me to date.

MiNapi said...

@SuperDrew: Yea, it really is stupid. But I've come to the conclusion that no matter what, people are gonna gossip because people just love to talk about other people. It' Human nature. But then again, not all gossip has to be negative. And not all people have to believe it. It's too bad kids in high school are so prone to believing everything their peers say. High school is a breeding ground for sh*t talking.