Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Pet Peeves

*NOTE: Lots of swearing and bad language await you in this post.  Read at your own discretion.

I was inspired to create this post after watching some youtube videos of people elaborating on what annoys them the most.  Anyway, lets start with my major annoyances!  :D

1.) People who don't express thanks

This one really gets to me and to all those people who do this and assume others know that you're thankful, go-to-hell.  We're not mind readers!  When people don't express thanks, even if they do feel thankful inside, the other party WILL assume in the end that this person is a totally unappreciative jackass.  They shouldn't go accepting something or some favor without acknowledging someone's sacrificed time and energy on them.  I honestly feel like people who act this way believe they're entitled to walking all over other people's good intentions which is just not cool.

2.) "Mall walkers" aka. People who think they own the sidewalk/walkway

I encounter these assholes from time to time and in my case, it's probably worse simply because I'm short.  When I encounter people taller than me (and this is almost always), who start to pull their mall walking crap and begin to lean toward my side of the walkway when they have at least two people's worth of space on their side, it really pisses me off!  I mean, what's the big deal?  Do they think that just because they're bigger than me, they automatically have the right to take up the entire sidewalk with their fat ass?

3.) Egotistical pricks

I'm only too familiar with this peeve because there's one living under the same roof as me, my own brother!  When I say egotistical, I mean a person who thinks they're hot sh*t and treats everyone else like they're idiots.  They also don't miss even the tiniest opportunity to ridicule someone else.  I honestly believe these people are insecure deep down and as a result, feel the need to make others feel bad to make themselves feel better.

4.) Selfish people

Here's another peeve where most unfortunately, this person is yet again my own brother.  Sad to say but so far in my life, he is the most selfish person I've EVER met.  Why so you ask?  My brother is the type of person who quite literally, expects you to give him a favor before he gives you a favor.  If you ask him for something, he'll say something along the lines of, "Why should I do you a favor?  You never do anything for me."  The most annoying and frustrating thing about this statement of his is that it's completely untrue and basically means that he fails to recall and/or acknowledge the kind things I've done for him over time.  After a while, I start to wonder why I should even bother doing nice things for him; It's not like he's even adding up these actions in his sick little checklist of favors I supposedly owe him before he does anything nice for me.

5.) Slow ass drivers

I think that anyone who drives can relate to this is some way.  When I say slow ass drivers, I'm not talking about the ones going exactly at the speed limit; I get them, they're simply sticklers to the rules.  The people I'm b*tching about here are the ones who drive under the speed limit (with no slow cars in front of them) when there's an obvious sign with the speed limit posted.  The most mind-raping part of this though is the fact that most of the people I see doing this are young!  I mean, it's not an old man/woman I see in the driver's seat but a person maybe in their mid fourties or even twenties!  Another annoying fact about these slow-as-f*ck drivers is that some of these bastards even go the extra mile and try to cut back in front of you if you get in front of them or even try to prevent you from getting in front of them by speeding up when you switch to the other lane.


I read an inspiring entry from blogger, RamonaChampion and she talked about how there are so many negative things that happen to us in life that sometimes, we just need a way to deflect these bad thoughts.  She suggested thinking about sweet baby coconuts whenever something bad happens and I thought that was just too cute!  x3  Sometimes, just thinking about a cute word or phrase can deflect negative feelings.

I also try to go by the saying, "When people try to bring you down, they're only doing so because you are above them" and it actually works for the most part.

It's not easy being like THIS all the time...

But sometimes, it's so hard to go by even a quote as amazing as that, especially with the example I shared above with my selfish and egotistical brother.

To deflect the most negative feelings, I find it helps to think about all the good things that happen to me in life and not bothering with people who drag me down, even if it is my own family.  If he doesn't want to be a nice person to me, why should I bother being a nice person to him?  I know there's a saying that people shouldn't stoop down to the other person's level and be mean or whatever but what if doing nice deeds for a person who doesn't even acknowledge what you do for them kill you slowly inside and fester angry wounds?  Should you still continue to torture yourself in that way just to avoid "stooping to their level?"  I think NOT!

I've already tried to avoid playing into his little game of who owes what.  But apparently, even when I do try being kind and do nice things for him, he obviously doesn't take my kind actions into account so I might as well not try anymore.  If he ever comes to me asking for favors, you know what my answer will be?  "Why should I do you a favor?  You've never done anything for me!"

I think that in certain cases such as the one I specified above, you are completely entitled to giving the person in question a taste of their own bitter medicine.

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