Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kawaii DIY mini potted plants at Target

While browsing in Target's 'dollar' section, I came across these super cute DIY mini potted plants~!

Right now I saw they had strawberry, forget-me-not, and poppy seeds.  I decided against strawberries because I was thinking about it possibly attracting bugs. :P

I've always thought about trying to grow my own mini plants but never got to it.  I'm trying to grow the little seedlings right now and after researching a bit, I found that it's good to keep them in a warm environment with adequate moisture.  I also read something that suggested I place the germinating seeds on top of the fridge because apparently it's warmer than the rest of the house up there.

I put some plastic wrap over the mini pots and poked a few holes in them to hold in the moisture.  Here's what they look like now..

Hopefully I'm doing this right.  It would be cute to have mini flowers on my windowsill.  ( ^ _ ^ )


SuperDrew said...

I remember when I was.... 14? I had a tiny little pot that would grow a mini bonsai tree. I would truly follow the instructions due to the fact that my pot had nothing more than sprouts. Those plants died about 5 times during the time I had it. I kept reviving and reviving until there were no more. I really miss my little plant, but I learned that I have no green thumb for plants.

MiNapi said...

@SuperDrew: I didn't know they had bonsai tree kits! It seems like something more difficult to grow.. Sorry for the loss of your plant. D: I'm not sure how good I am at growing plants but I do recall one summer when I planted this tomato plant in the yard and we ended up having a lot of tomatoes that year. But it was already full grown. xD

SuperDrew said...

@MiNapi: I think I got a bonsai from a zoo somewhere... I truly cannot remember. Sounds to me like you have what it takes to keep a plant!