Friday, January 4, 2013

Dark Edge Eyes

I was so excited at the time when I successfully created this look but of course got lazy and ended up not posting it...

I was originally going for the look Cassie wore in Nicki Minaj's video "The Boys" but since my eyes don't have that certain hollowness that Cassie's has, it didn't work too well on me.  For some reason, whenever I try to do some really dramatic looking makeup for my eyes, they end up looking like sh*t!  xD

So after playing around and watching some tutorials, I came up with this.  The main emphasis is on the outer corners of the eyes where I used a black eyeshadow to really intensify the look.  You can honestly use any kind of lighter eyeshadow to the middle part of the eye.  I used a shimmery rice paper/beige color.  The middle part of the eyelid isn't too dramatic with just a slight gradient from the outer edge going inward.  This gives a great contrast between the outer part of the eye and the inner part.

I used false lashes since this look was dramatic and I needed the extra boost.

I also found out after watching tutorials that fluffy blending eyeshadow brushes are a MUST if you want to create beautiful gradient and blending effects for your eyemakeup.  You have to be very careful with dark eyeshadows, especially black eyeshadow because it can get really messy if you blend wrong and a pain to clean off.  What you do first is dab on the black eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes (with a separate eyeshadow brush) and then with the fluffy blending brush, lightly brush the color inward toward the center of your eyelid to create the gradient effect.

This eyemakeup is very versatile because you can play around with a lot of different colors and you can add on more dark shadow or eyeliner to intensify the appearance of the eyes.

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