Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot Pot!!!

Yes, it's that time of year!  I finally mustered up the enthusiasm to bust out our hot pot and put it to some good use.  I couldn't really decide between oden and miso ozoni so I eventually combined both and created something new!

Here it is, my beautiful creation...

I thought of ozoni because it was New Year's day and it's this traditional Japanese dish that's eaten in Japan on New Year's.  My parents also brought back some mochi pieces that were given to them by this awesome lady at the party; Since ozoni calls for mochi pieces, everything just fell into place.

I added a lot of things that would have gone with oden such boiled eggs, spinach, and tofu.  I was thinking about adding mushrooms and many other things but there's picky eaters in my family so I decided against it.

This dish came out really well and it was super fun eating right out of that hotpot.  I'm thinking of using it for ramen too when my sis gets over her stomach flu.  x3

Hotpots are really fun for family and friends and I highly recommend anyone getting something like this for the cold winter months.

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