Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cold days

The weather has been really cold for weeks now!  I guess we'd have a few lucky days where the temperature would rise up to around 50 degrees but then it would be a windy day.  Bleh

 It was sort of misty and there was a dusty kind of snow in the air.

So what have I been up to during these cold, cold weeks?  I recently finished a fairly long working streak.  It would have been 6 days in a row if I hadn't broken it up; I'm glad I did.  Working 6+ days straight starts to make one feel like they don't have a life outside of work.  Trust me, I've done 10-11 days of continuous working and it sucks!  And to top it all off, all my work days took place before my exam day so I had a great time cramming a lot during my final days of work.

Okay, so I'm gonna stop talking about work right now because I usually save that for the rants, lol.  And just a warning, this post is gonna be really long.  I haven't blogged in a while so I've accumulated a lot of stuff to talk about.  xP

Online Shopping

These past couple of days, I've been doing some serious online shopping.  I've had a good few things that I've needed such as headphones....... okay, so that's all I *really* needed but the rest were pretty fun purchases which consisted of mostly skin care items.  I also broke down and decided to shop on because they have this really cute facial cleaning brush that I've wanted forever but failed to find it anywhere but on sasa.

I'll save my online shopping haul for another blog post since I don't actually have the goods yet. ;)

I've also been keeping some serious tabs on yesstyle because they have a few jackets that I want so badly but I also want at least some percentage off.  Here's a few that I've been eyeing for many, many months..  I know, this must create such a loser-ish picture in your mind.  lmao

Here's some pics of the jackets I've been online stalking.

  I have yet to add red to my collection...
 TBH, this one is the most practical and sensible in price.

 I'm contemplating on black or beige for this one.  Which do you think is better?

My ultimate fave and of course it has to be the most expensive of them all... 

Mah Scruffs

Because I'm such an awesome mommy, I took my baby for a walk even in 30 degree weather.  Our only saving grace was the fact that it wasn't windy.  You'd be surprised what the wind chill factor can do to ruin your day.

And if you didn't think THAT was enough, I even played with him afteward!  Yay for doggie playtime!  :D


 Using the ball as bait for cute pics is genius! (Note: Mr. Scruff HATES taking pictures.  He thinks it will suck out his soul.)

 Interior Decorating

My mom recently got into another obsessive craze except instead of painting the house, it was changing the light fixtures.

She changed a light in my room so now I have this paper lantern that's so much brighter than my previous light.  Thanks mom! (^o^)

She changed a lot of other fixtures too but I only took a few pics.  Here's a pendant light she installed in the kitchen; It's quite pretty.

 This one reminds me of an upside down wine glass no matter how I look at it..

She also put up some wall hooks and I liked the one near the front door because she ornamented it with a puffy star jar I made for her a while back.

 Isn't it cute?  She decided to hang the dog leashes there.

So I must tell this story because it's so amazing.  

While I was at a thrift store, the most unbelievable thing happened.  I was walking into the store, and right at the entrance there was this perfectly square, wooden coffee table!  I had decided to drop the notion of buying a somewhat cheap square table from IKEA because I wanted a genuine wooden coffee table for 'project kotatsu' and I actually found one so quickly!  And guess what the price was............................... only $10!!!!!  I swear I was screaming "holy sh**&;%$#**%@!!" internally because I never thought I would find exactly what I was looking for so fast!  

At the moment, the square table is sitting in the TV room.  As perfect as it looks there, I really want to move it into the other living room where we plan to make a tea room.

 We're gonna have to sand/re-stain the sh*t out of this thing.

The table was in overall, good condition although it did have some major stains and fading so it will need some work.  Nothing we can't fix though!  Maybe project kotatsu will continue on after all.

 You're doing great Poppy-san!  Keep growing~!
I almost forgot to mention, my plant actually sprouted!  Well, one of them did at least.  The Forget-Me-Nots appear to want to be forgotten as not one of them sprouted.  This one is the Poppy flower and I hope it survives.  I put both potted plants out in the sunny parts of the house *almost* every day!

Korean Restaurant

A couple of nights ago, our family went out to a new Korean restaurant that opened up nearby.  It was really good and I especially loved the banchan (side dish) setup!

I had a stone pot bibimbop and it was very tasty!  Just a warning though, it doesn't have too much meat in it so if you want more meat, you would have to order a side dish of bulgogi or perhaps ask what the extra meat would cost.  My sis ordered bulgogi and it was the most expensive dish, almost $20!

 The fried mandu was super delicious.  

 "Why yes, my bibimbap was very yummy, thank you very much!"

Thanks for bearing with me and reading up to here if you did!  World record of a super long blog post!  LOL, I'm sure I've posted longer blogs in the past...  Well anyway, thanks for reading!  Until next time!!! :D

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