Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking at things in a different perspective

I was thinking about small, petty things that used to bother me when I was younger.  I thought about what I've improved on in my life because I feel that I have a lot of issues, lol.

So one of the things I thought about was how I would be bothered by something that someone said to me or maybe certain actions that someone did or did not do.

One of the big things was how people might not comment or take notice of something that I did to my hair, clothes, makeup, etc.  

Over time, I thought to myself, why do I care?  Do I feel the need to be accepted?... noticed?... or maybe I just wanted an ego boost.  Then I thought, hey, does it really matter if a person comments on whatever I did or not?  What truly matters is that I care about it!

People can comment all they want about something but if you don't care, none of their comments really matter.

The moral of this particular story is, if you like what you did about yourself, then that's all you should need.  If people don't comment about it, well, maybe...:

- they're not the complimenting type
- they're not very observant
- their thoughts are occupied on something else
- they're jealous and don't want to give you an ego boost 

The list of 'reasons' goes on and on.
So I eventually came up with my own reasoning for this situation.  If someone doesn't notice something new I did, it's either one of those reasons above... OR, it could be that I always look this good so how could they notice any change?  :D

See what I did there?  I came up with some positive reasoning to people's actions that used to bother me so much and turned it into something optimistic.  If you were to just change your perspective of the situation and come up with a good outlook on why something is happening, your life will be that much brighter and you won't be swallowed up by negativity.

This way of thinking does sound easy and of course it won't always be.  But hey, it's worth a shot and in my honest opinion, it helps so much if you lean towards more petty thinking like me.

Approach problems and situations in an optimistic way.  Twist the situation around.  Instead of thinking that a person is doing something with vicious intent, instead, think to yourself that perhaps this person is just thoughtless and doesn't necessarily have anything against you.

Taking things personally will only turn you into a negative person.  Sometimes we simply have to brush annoyances off.  Do these people who cause you psychological grief really mean that much to you in your life?  NO!!!  They're just obstacles that we have to face.  We jump over them and move on with our lives.

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