Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

I remember the first time I was exposed to Adventure Time.  I was looking through tumblr gifs and came across this strange-looking yellow dog with sparkly eyes.

I was somehow reminded of an overly exaggerated anime character.  I started to see this weird yellow dog more and more often and I wondered if it was some kind of internet meme.  Then I watched some Smosh videos and I recall seeing Adventure Time art that fans drew.

One day, I decided to look up this cartoon on youtube and watched a few clips with the odd yellow dog and found them to be hilarious!  The humor in adventure time appeals to adults and children alike and I was immediately drawn into this ingenious story.

I love the freshness and honest expression of the characters.  It makes the conversations so effortlessly funny.  The humor can be fairly dark and I find it interesting that words like 'freaking' and 'friggin' get past the censoring for children.  There are also other things that get past child censoring such as the flying Unicorn named Lady who mainly speaks in Korean and most people have no idea of what she's talking about unless Jake the Dog translates.  I've read in some discussions that what Lady says isn't always 'appropriate' for the younger viewers.  Although most of the more mature humor in this show will go over younger viewer's heads anyway as they're not old enough to understand the content.

I highly recommend this cartoon to anyone who loves and appreciates creative stories and animation.  This show can be funny depending on if you like dark humor filled with sugar-coated mature references and pure silliness.

Watch and be filled with happy memories...

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