Monday, February 4, 2013

Forever21 has awesome deals and questionable policies

I went out to the mall with my sister on Sunday.  It was one of those days where we thought it would be a good idea to hang out together since she's rarely off from work.  That workaholic. xD

When we got there, I stopped by one of my favorite clothing stores, Forever21.

The store was actually written as XII Forever so I suppose you could call it an extended version of Forever21 with much more selection.

I usually shop on and that's where I get a little bit of perspective on prices.  When I see a plain thin sweater shirt, my limit is under $10, depending on how substantial the material is.  Here's an example: For a thin sweater, I'm not gonna fork out $22.  I've also shopped excessively at Ross over the years so I know that thin-material clothing isn't going to retain its good appearance for long.

So I walk into the store and I see that it's sectioned off into different color and style schemes.  One side may have flowery and feminine styles while the other side is edgy rock styles.  There were tons of those thin-material clothing I mentioned earlier selling for around $22 and I passed on all those.

True to marketing tactics, clearance was at the very back of the store and there were a ton of racks full of marked down items.  It wasn't too crowded so I decided to tackle that heaping pile of clothes, hoping to find some sweaters.

I was surprised to find a bunch of sweaters all for great prices, around $5.49 each!  They had this sale where you get an additional 50% off clearance items which was REALLY sweet!  I guess a person actually can hit the jackpot!

A metaphor of me but imagine sweaters instead of gold coins.

Here's all the sweaters I bought.  It doesn't look like much but I actually got about 9 sweaters + 1 skirt.  And all of this added up to a grand total of $57!

The result of my sweater obsession 

 I was wearing one so here's a modeling of how the sweaters sit on me.

After I left the store, I found that one of the items had scanned wrong and instead rung up at the full price.  I was charged around $28 when it should have been around $5.  It was too late to go back because I had already got home and the store was closed by then.

The next day, I called a Forever21 very near my house, telling them about my situation and if it is okay to bring the item to them so they can give me store credit for it by doing a price adjustment.  I had all the paperwork (receipt, tags, and item) so I didn't see how there could be a problem.  The lady on the other end of the phone tells me that they cannot give me store credit and I have to take it to the Forever21 where I purchased it because, and I quote, "It is not their responsibility to fix something that was another store's mistake."

Honestly, I thought that was a bit weird because Forever21 is a huge corporation with many chains of stores across the nation.  Shouldn't they want to make it more convenient for their customers to have multiple locations for issues with purchases, returns, more shopping, etc?  And it wasn't like I was even returning anything.  All I wanted was a simple price adjustment.    

That said, I now feel that Forever21 has strange policies in their store.  Sure, they have killer deals on great clothing, but did you know that they give returns ONLY as store credit?  I can see how this would benefit their store and prevent people from abusing return policies but what if a cashier accidentally rung up an item wrong?  That's pretty much screwing over a customer (especially one who rarely shops there).  Customers can't say anything about items ringing up wrong because there's no screen telling them what the prices are.  The only thing they can do is calculate the total before purchasing their items to make sure prices are accurate and to be honest, how many people actually do that?

I eventually called the Forever21 at the mall where I bought the item and they were very helpful and gladly told me that I could get the $5 price on the item, as long as I mentioned the manager's name because she had approved when I called.  Hopefully the people there will accept whatever I have to tell them and just give me the price I was due.  If not, I'll just return that sweater because I don't want to pay any more than what I should have.

The Forever21 in my neighborhood really lost out on my business because they were unwilling to do something so simple, it's ridiculous.  Forever21 should seriously improve the training of their employees on good customer service (even more so with the new return policy) because I'm a perfect example of a potential customer who could have been shopping more often at the Forever21 closer to my home.  I'll still shop at Forever21 because I love their clothes, but much less so because the one I like is in a mall, farther away.  And an update, I got my business done with the Forever21 at the mall and the girl there was super friendly and helpful and gave me my price adjustment.  When I mentioned to her about how I called the Forever21 near my house refusing to do a price adjustment, she found that strange and told me that they should have done that.  The Forever21 near my house can go suck it.


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