Monday, February 11, 2013

Deceivingly bad weather today but hey, we have a new couch!

Today's weather was crap-tastic.  It looked like mild weather outside being dry, overcast, and not windy.  But when I took two steps out there, it was so freaking freezing, I had to retreat back into the house.  I was planning on walking the dogs today but that never happened because it was too unpleasant outside.

I started off my day going to this egg breakfast place with mom and sis.  I ordered the mushroom omelet and the Belgian waffle (to share).

So yummy and perfect!

 Waffle had a nice presentation and was good but it could have been more toasted.

Now lets rewind to last week.  I finally decided to branch out from my basic tuna roll sushi and make something more interesting.  I opted for kimbap because all I would have to do was add some extra ingredients; Its base was the same shoyu tuna I usually use.

 I also made cream of mushroom pasta.

The kimbap was fairly easy to make.  All I had to do was add:

1. Takuan (pickled radish)
2. Cucumber
3. Egg
4. Sesame oil
5. Sesame seeds

I think the kimbap turned out really well and it's like an explosion of different tastes in your mouth.  I think I could have left out the takuan because it's mostly there to add a sweetness to the kimbap and since I had the egg (I used a recipe for tamagoyaki so the egg had sugar it), it sort of defeated the purpose of the takuan.

The cream pasta was good but I think that the best results would come from an original recipe.  I sort of cheated and used a can of cream of mushroom soup and frozen chicken/carrots from the fridge.  I added some fresh broccoli, vegetable oil, and seasonings such as pepper.

Besides cooking, I'm so happy these days because we finally got a new couch!

The couch looks small in this pic but it can accommodate about four people.  We got it from American Furniture Warehouse for around $550 and it's black leather.  We decided on leather because we have two dogs that shed a ton of fur and we also have to prepare for any possible 'accidents' that could happen.

We had the option of extended this couch with an extra piece that can attach to it ($100) but we decided to get a feel of how it would fit in our living room and if we really needed the extra chair piece.  We may have a lot of people in our house but it's not like we're all watching TV at the same time; In fact, it's very rare.  With computers, smartphones, and even extra TV's, it's sort of like everyone can just watch TV in their own bedrooms.

I think this couch is overall, very comfortable and the perfect size for our small living room.  It's also easy to clean and easy to move.  The only con is that it can get cold in the house so there's some slight discomfort to sit on a cold couch.  It's not that big of an issue though as one can simply wear long pants to avoid that problem.

It's been roughly half a year since we've had a couch in our house.  That's about how long it takes my mom to decide on new furniture.  xP

Now for the dog pic of the day!

 He likes to keep his head near a pillow, just like a little human...  ( > w < )

What else has been happening...  I'm currently trying to save up for a car.  My parents are pushing it; I guess they feel like that's a right of passage or something.  And also because our old car is starting to show signs of dying soon.  I'm willing to save for a car but  I don't want to spend over $10K, mostly because I don't have that kind of money lying around and also because I'm trying to save up for future college tuition fees.  ( - ___ - )

So at the moment, I'm trying to pick up as many extra shifts as I can.  I also want to buy a pea coat and those run around $80 and beyond.

 Maybe something like this:

My obsession with clothing (esp. jackets) is most likely from watching Korean dramas.  Every time I watch a new drama, I'll see at least a few clothing pieces that I must have.  After that, I begin my epic hunt for those clothes.  I've started watching this K-drama called Cheongdamdong Alice and it's really addicting (how many times have I already said that...).

Little black....... I mean, RED book.

I'm a fan of Moon Geun Young after watching her in Cinderella's Sister and she's amazing as always.  The guy playing the male lead Park Shi Hoo, is really funny in an over-the-top petty kind of way.  I recommend this drama to anyone who likes fashion and comedy.  One of the ongoing themes is the networking in the elite designers' world and it's interesting to get an idea of what average people have to do to become a successful socialite. 

Last but not least, here's the Outfit of the Day (ootd)!

I call it the simple sweater, legging, and skirt combo.  You can easily build on this look with a jacket, earmuffs, hat, and scarf.  This ensemble is effortless and easy to create as long as you have a nice looking sweater on hand.  :)

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