Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally free! :D

Yesssss!  I'm finally finished with spring semester!!!! (ノ〃^▽^〃)ノ。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚オメデトー♪

I'm so happy because for the last few days I was really wanting to move on with my life already.  xD All you people who've been through finals know what I'm talking about!

I (sort of) tried my best to study really hard for the last couple of days and I think it paid off since I got a B on my last exam.  YaY!  tuzki44

Right now I'm very cozy in my bedroom watching a good K-drama after a day's hard work.

 Can you guess the K-drama?  Hint: The name in the subtitles

I'm quite ecstatic because I accomplished everything I planned such as buying my mom roses for Mother's Day, making a test batch of chocolate strawberries, baking her shortbread cookies, and getting all my ingredients ready for the chapchae dish I'll be making her either tomorrow or on Sunday.  It feels good to get everything done on a checklist. image

Here's the strawberries.

This is my first time making them and they turned out really well.  They make a great Mother's Day gift.  A good *tip* is to make sure the strawberries are completely dry and at room temperature before you dip them in the chocolate.  It's also less messy to place them on parchment or wax paper.  I had to put them in the fridge because the chocolate was refusing to solidify.

 I'll probably go out tomorrow after work and buy some white chocolate to make them look prettier. (≧ω≦)

This may sound strange after my initial hype but I'm actually missing school a little because I made a really great friend this semester.  We would usually walk together after class to the parking lot and just talk for an hour about anything and everything.  It's pretty crazy how much we have in common.  She likes k-dramas as much as I do, is interested in Japanese/Korean cosmetics, likes anime, and it's just like our personalities are so similar...  I feel like she's the sister/friend I've never had in so long!

I've met a lot of people in my life but none of them had similar interests as I did nor did their personality click with mine that well.  So I think it's really special for me to have met her.

I was actually been in the same class as her in the past but we sat at different tables and never got the chance to talk.

I now believe that if you can find a person who inspires you, who you can connect and share ideas with, and who has similar interests, you should make sure to grab onto that opportunity and get to know them better.  Sometimes these chances don't come around too often.

She's actually the one who inspired me to make chocolate strawberries! :D
So we've decided to keep in touch though emails and texts.  We might even meet up for lunch this summer and if we're lucky, get into the same volunteer program.

Yea, btw, I volunteered at a hospital so I'll be going to an interview for that soon. *crosses fingers*
I thought it would be a good idea because:

1. I'll be able to help people in my spare time without school in the way

2. I can expose myself to the medical field of work

3. I can (hopefully) gain some experience with filing and administrative work as I'm currently trying to get that type of job

I've also been inspired to start this 'ootd' aka Outfit of the Day kind of thing where I take pics of what I'm wearing and post them on my blog.  Sort of like a little fashion update.  I think I can manage it now because I have enough clothes to make some interesting combinations.

What I have right now is pretty simple but I'll post them anyway.

 Today's ootd.  I wore a pale pink chiffon collard long-sleeved top (Forever21), an A-line beige skirt (Forever21), and sheer black stockings (Target).  These are my house slippers. xP  

Not pictured here, but to complete the look, I 'stole' my sis's light brown heeled boots (Wet Seal) and the bag is a cute light gray/beige toned purse from WalMart.  Don't be judging! lol, my motto is if it looks good and sturdy, then get it! xD

I thought this was a cool combo because the top and skirt both had a color tone going on and it gave my look a very elegant, sophisticated, and almost steam-punk influenced appearance simply by virtue of the color tones.

This was my ootd from a couple days ago.  Stupid pic wouldn't rotate the other way...  In this I'm wearing a loose color block red/navy knit pattern sweater (Forever21) and this cute medium-length black/gray checkered skirt my Aunty got me from Okinawa.  Footwear is simple dark brown flat boots (Payless Shoes).

This is a simple cozy look although I've learned that unless you're super skinny, it's best to pair a more fitted top with a long skirt as it will appear more flattering to the figure.  But I was going for comfort so I guess it depends on the occasion.

Moving on to music!

If you haven't heard of him yet, you should check out POGO remixes on youtube NOW! xD  The first remix I saw from him was Upular and it's absolutely breathtaking.  He gets movies/any other video footage and uses their sounds to make music.  His work has a very dreamlike feeling and I'm in love with his songs!  They also make you want to watch the movies again. x)

Make sure to check out not only his popular movie remixes but his other work as well.  They're all so beautiful and inspiring to listen to if you appreciate remixed music.

And not only is his music ecstasy to my ears, but it's also given me the desire to draw again.  Hopefully I'll post some of the artwork I create through his music on my blog in the near future. (^^)

I've been obsessed with these few (below) and the tunes are already stuck in my head.  I find myself humming them throughout the day. tuzki06

"I, day, I work, all... day."  Story of my life, lol, jk. (・∀・ )

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