Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beauty Tips #1

This "Beauty Tips" post is a new idea I came up with for myself and anyone else who's interested in how to apply makeup effectively.
I always end up with questions while using makeup like how I can make my foundation last longer, how to keep my eyeliner from smudging, and so on.

I've decided to make note of helpful makeup tips I've come across while experimenting different techniques.

Hopefully others will find this helpful. :D

How to keep eyeliner from smudging:

What I do is apply ONLY Waterproof Cover Girl mascara on my bottom and top lashes.  I've found that Cover Girl mascara has the ultimate waterproof formula; I can tight-line my eyes, draw in eyeliner, and it still doesn't smear.

I discourage applying another type of waterproof mascara as a first layer because after testing this method, it led to the mascara smudging.  If you must apply a first layer of some other mascara, use a white or clear colored lash primer.


How to prevent fine lines from showing around eyes when applying foundation/concealer:

I've read that keeping the area around the eye area well moisturized and using a silicone based primer will help to prevent fine lines from showing when you smile and your eyes squint.

After experimenting several times I found that fine lines around my eyes were being accentuated by applying too much foundation, concealer, and blush.  The silicone primer is supposed to fill in tiny crevices in the skin and create a smooth surface for foundation; as a result, fine lines are reduced. 

I use the Smashbox Photo Finish (Oil Free) Foundation primer and that has worked really well for me.

I believe that it's best not to layer concealers.  Just choose the best one and use a dab of that under each eye.  The more you layer concealer, the more fine lines are accentuated and that looks worse than the actual dark circles because it makes your skin look older than it is.

Natural everyday makeup VS Photo makeup

Please, please, please, do NOT mix these two together.  Even if it's the best looking natural makeup, if you're planning on taking photos with family/friends, you'll have to go for the photo makeup which is a bit darker, more defined, and exaggerated.

Lets face it.  Natural makeup isn't going to show up in photos from far away.  I know because this has happened to me countless times.  The only way natural makeup is going to work in photos is if you're taking photos up close and personal.

For your average day when you plan to take pictures, you want to be picture ready with everything a little to a bit darker, and accentuated.

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