Monday, July 8, 2013

I LOVE thrift stores!!!

Hello again~!  I procrastinated on this blog for about a week so when I talk about it, just keep in mind that this happened about a week ago.  ;)

*Flashback to one week ago...*

Today was pretty hot but I braved the weather and drove out anyway in my car without AC. XD
It was somewhat torturous because I got lost and drove around in circles for almost an hour trying to find the damn place. lol

The reason I wanted to go out today is because I was in dire need of a new black cardigan for work.  I didn't want to go spending the average $10 for a cardigan though so instead of going to the mall, I thought, "Hey!  Why not go to a thift store?"

So off I drove.  First I dropped off my sister and I decided to take her all the way to her workplace because I 'thought' it would be on the way to the nearest Goodwill.  I was wrong hence me driving in circles.  Dx

But I finally made it there after my memory decided to kick in and I was determined to find something.  I eventually found a nice pair of jeans shorts and a casual black collared top with short sleeves.  I was thinking about getting another pair of shorts but quickly changed my mind after seeing faded 'mystery' stains on the bottom. lmao

After Goodwill, I drove down the road and luckily there was another thrift store there with tons of goodies waiting to be discovered.

I found at least $38 worth of stuff from there and this was for 10 items!  It was an amazing find because I found so many things that I failed to find in stores like Ross or anything else in the mall.  There were actually items that I really needed for work such as the black cardigan and some dark blouses.  I also found beige colored cardigans because I can never have enough of those. xP  There was also this super cute red flower print black skirt that I thought would look great with a black tank and some accessories.

My thrift store haul.  

I only screwed up on one of the pieces (the black polka dotted blouse) that had a hole on the front but it's not that noticeable. 

Now that I've tasted the cheapness of thrift store clothing, I may not be able to turn back!  Well, at least for simple clothing such as cardigans, tanks, shorts, etc.  I found that I couldn't find any good dresses (probably due to the fact that I'm short and below average height...).  Although there really weren't any dresses I was interested in.

It seems like thrift stores have a ton of those simple clothing items in supply that you can buy for a much cheaper price than most mall store clearance; I calculated and with how much I spent, it was only an average of about $4 per item!  I'm sure I could get an even better deal if I watched the prices more because there was this cool electronic sign that said certain colored tags would be within a range of 75% off to 25% off, depending on the day.

From this experience, it's opened my eyes to how awesome thrift stores can be and that it's not only good to your wallet, but also good for the environment where we can re-use items instead of adding to the landfills.  

It's really hot in my room right now so I'm not inclined to putting outfits together with this haul..  Sorry guys!  Maybe next time.  If I do, I'll be sure to upload them to this post! 


LoveChloe said...

Wow!! You spent only $38 for all those items!!! THATS SOO GOOD and cheap x.x!!! Its saves soo much money!! I should start to look out for thrift shop when I go shopping now haha! By the way thanks for visiting my blog and I will follow you back straight away :D!

Nyanette said...

Whoa! $38 for all of that?! I need to go to thrift shops!
Also, I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Liebster Award :3
Have a nice day

- Nyanette