Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quickie update: Pending blogs

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't dropped in for so long.  I've been somewhat busy with work and just getting over my day of corporate slavery (sorry for the previous long emo rant btw, lol).

Nothing new going on yet.  I've been downloading a lot of new anime series to go through so look forward to some reviews!  I'm currently re-watching FMA Brotherhood just because it's so amazing no matter how many times I watch it.

Today was okay.  I switched shifts with a coworker yesterday so I could get a longer shift today (yay me for assertiveness!).  It was quite unexpected but I needed more hours anyway.  Speaking of work, omg, I've still been applying online and nothing has come up yet...  Why???!!!!!  xP

We had a large shipment of products today so I was unpacking a lot of jewelry/accessory items.  It's pretty fun at first but after a while, you start to wonder why the people doing the packing don't just put everything in one big bag and make it simpler for everyone else.  D:  So after unpacking all that cr*p, I started to realize that I really do like accessories and I'm thinking that I would really like to expand my jewelry collection.  I don't have much jewelry to begin with and I've started to see the light and how accessories can really make the outfit.  Of course, as cute as our jewelry is, I'll probably purchase mine from a different vendor because of my solemn oath not to shop where I work.

My sister was nice today and bought a candy apple for mom.  We all shared it and it was super delicious!  I believe it tasted better because we shared it.  ^^

Last week we bought strawberry mochi ice cream from a local Asian market and this time it was perfect!  (Last time we bought it, it turned out sort of stale and nasty.)  But this time we got it right!

So delicious!  The mochi part was super chewy and the ice cream was perfect!

So far I've had two training days of office assistant volunteer work and that's been fun.  There's a lot of cool people volunteering at the hospital and I hope to meet more of them.  The weather hasn't been helping lately because it's so freaking hot every time I have to drive home.......  First world problems, lol.

Because of my procrastination issues, I have a list of possible blog post ideas.  Hopefully I can get to them all since they're things I really want to talk about.

- A youtube trend POSTED
- Summer fashion 2013 POSTED
- Anime crushes (super otaku but whatevs, lmao) POSTED 
- Relative I have issues relating to
- British TV show review
- Several anime reviews
- American TV show brief review POSTED
- Anime Food! POSTED 

Hope you all are enjoying the summer heat while it lasts!  Tomorrow I might go out shopping, who knows...  XD


LoveChloe said...

Oh that looks delicious!
Oh I loved FMA Brotherhood AS WELL!! I got really teary and sad when it ended because it was just so amazing!!!
I can't wait to see the anime reviews and the Summer fashion!! Hope you can post them soon haha :)

MiNapi said...

@LoveChloe, I know! Mochi ice cream is sooooo good! xD

Me too. FMA Brotherhood has this way of making me cry, especially towards the end. I was mostly sad because it was over. Such an amazing story!

I'll try my best! ^^