Monday, July 29, 2013

My day of grocery shopping

Today started off cloudy and drizzly.  It was nice because I love cool weather.  ^^  I decided to test out my new circle lenses too and they actually were pretty comfortable for the whole day!  I put them on around 1:00 this afternoon and I still have them on right now!  At first I didn't think I could keep them on for more than 4 hours..  Anyway, I don't recommend anyone wearing these babies over 5 hours but yea, I wanted to see how long they could stay on my eyes comfortably.  Alas, a topic for a different post.

I decided to do some grocery shopping today because I wanted to re-create some anime dishes that I drooled over the night previously.  xD  I promise I'll post about it later!  I think it would be better suited for another topic.

The places I went to were Super Target, the local farmers market, and the local Asian food market.

Being the savvy shopper I am (lol), I decided to go to the farthest market first: the Asian food market, because I was planning on buying eggs at the farmer's market and didn't want them to spoil.  I found a lot of cool stuff from there that I didn't know they had such as fried tofu and various udon noodles (I bought a packet btw).  Unfortunately, I failed to find the sakura denbu I so desperately sought after.    (T ^T)
I ended up buying:
- Nori sheets x2
- Udon noodle packet x1
- Ichiban ramen x6 (I gotta stash!)
- Pocky (always gotta get one of these)
- Green tea x3
- Panko (dried bread crumbs for deep frying) x2
- Kamaboko (fish cake)
- Frozen steamed cabbage buns
- Steamed rice in a leaf thing (for the father)

After that I stopped by Super Target and the farmer's market and got the rest of my ingredients which consisted of mostly vegetables and some body washes.  I needed a new mascara so I ended up getting the Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara and another vanity item, Rimmel's Glam Eyes Quad Shadow in 002 Smokey Brun.  I couldn't resist as the colors were too tempting.

 Aren't these colors pretty?  It makes me want to create different looks with it and post them on this blog.   ( ^ . ^ )

I ended up buying about $110 worth of items.  Not too much damage seeing as I haven't gone grocery shopping once this month.  My estimate of how much I would spend was also really close!  Usually when I shop, I try not nitpick too much on the prices, as long as they aren't astronomically expensive.  I do try to get the cheaper option though.  xD

Sorry if this post was boring, just grocery shopping.  For some reason, it was a fun task and made me feel productive, lol.

I'll be posting another topic later on the foods I made today.  I created two dishes out of the ingredients I bought, not bad for a day of shopping!

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LoveChloe said...

Looks like you had fun today!! While you listed all the ingredients that you bought, I got really hungry haha! The eye shadow and mascara looks reallly good :)