Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anime Food!: Ramen & Curry Rice

Woooo hooooooooooo, my first 'official' Anime food attempt~!!!!image

I'm super obsessed with anime food because it looks so damn delicious in every anime I watch and it makes me really, really hungry-!  So I decided to re-create these dishes.

I've tried doing this in the past and many times, failing at making it look just as delicious...  But!  I'm stepping up my game now so I hope you guys enjoy this series of blogs I'm starting.  Maybe it will get you all inspired to re-create your own anime food!


My first dish that I decided to make is the famous ramen!  I'm sure you all have drooled over this dish in an anime at some point.  I swear, ramen must show up in every other anime.

Okay, I know this isn't an 'exact' replica but I'll try harder in the future!  I was rushing on this one and it literally took me only 5 minutes to whip up! ( > ~ <)

I really don't like ham (sorry to all you hammie lovers) so I decided to substitute it with kamaboko (fish cake) instead.

This is a super easy dish to create.


- 1/2 boiled egg
- Ichiban traditional ramen
- Kamaboko
- Green onions

Boil the noodles as you would with any ramen packet and plop in the rest of the ingredients at the end.
Thanks to mom for the awesome ramen bowl!!! image Btw, a good ramen bowl makes ALL the difference!

Onto the next dish!  This one is also common and it is the tasty curry rice!

This one took a bit longer to create and I know it's far from perfection.  Let me tell you why.

I'd like to point out that I made a lame mistake that I haven't realized for years!  The curry dish that I always thought was curry in anime was probably hayashi rice!!!!!  image  Yeah, I was super shocked.  All this time, I've been desperately trying to recreate this dish by using curry.  fml...  ORZ

So to all you anime food lovers who think that this more liquidy stew thing is curry, *bzzzzzt!* *bzzzzzzzt!!  Stop right there because that's probably hayashi rice!  There's actually a different type of boxed cube seasoning for it called hayashi instead of curry.

What's the difference you ask?  Well, curry is much, much, MUCH thicker in consistency as you can see by the picture while the hayashi mix is way more liquidy.


- Golden Curry or hayashi rice boxed mix
- Water
- Carrots
- Potatoes
- Onion
- Peas
- Celery
- Vegetable oil
- Beef (sliced into cubes)
- Pepper

Simply follow the instructions on the box and you're all set to go.

Even though I'm disappointed in the consistency of the curry, I'm still proud of a little fact with the potatoes.  I carefully shaped them into the spherical shapes you see in the picture (above) to more closely resemble its anime counterpart.  image It's what I do for love.  xD

Anyway, it could be curry rice or it could be hayashi rice.  YOU decide.  I suppose it would depend on if you want a thicker stew kind of consistency or a more liquidy consistency as so commonly portrayed in anime.

Hope you all enjoyed this new series of blog posts!  I'll definitely be creating more Anime Food posts in the future.  It's really fun and I feel it also shows how anime can inspire a person to get creative-! ( ^ o ^)

Anime pictures from Animu Food 


Nyanette said...

OMG! I can't believe you made anime food! It looks perfect! X3

MayClover said...

I love it :D

Vickiruuu said...

:O woahhh that looks delicious!! Makes me want to try and make it myself XD

Audrey said...

This is such a cute idea and I love that fish cake. I used to eat it like chips, when I was little. :D

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie looks very similar. Now I´m following you in GFC I hhope your follow me back! xx

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LoveChloe said...

Wow!! That looks amazing, exactly like the anime!! Gosh, I'm getting soo hungry now!! The ramen dish looks fanatstic *.*!

Chrissy said...

Both dishes look delicious! Great job! :D