Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tons of Anime!!!!!!!!!! thanks to Netflix

About a couple months ago, I discovered the amazing power of Netflix. I just love the thing! You would think that this would make me want to watch more TV and sit on my ass all day but it doesn't! I'm not much of a TV person to begin with anyway but I don't think that's the only reason. Even my brother who likes to watch a lot of TV doesn't watch for very long.

I think it has to do with anticipation or whatever. Like, when you watch cable television, you don't really know exactly what is coming up next and so you have to wait through all these commercials to watch what you want. Maybe it's that. It's weird but that's what I really think is going on. So then people spend hours and hours in front of the TV because they waste so much time waiting for their shows by watching mostly useless commercials. Netflix has no commercials so that's one reason why it totally pwns cable television.

With Netflix, I found a lot of... dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! A-N-I-M-E! Yes, I am such a nerd but I still love anime. I don't know, I think watching them makes me want to be a better person? lol Or maybe it just makes me laugh.. I found a lot that I would possibly want to watch so I added them to my instant queue. But if I put to many on the queue, I have to sift through that much more crap before I find the good ones. It takes a lot of patience with some anime.

Hell Girl: I was sort of interested with the first couple episodes but after those, I started to see the same old pattern, with just slightly tweaked stories. I got really bored and even Karyn did so we both stopped watching that one.

As for the good anime I got the privilege of watching, I finally got to see FMA Brotherhood and School Rumble~!

I didn't think I would like watching Brotherhood since I made a bias opinion when I first saw promo pictures and thought the character designs weren't that great. But then I watched it and they looked way different than the promo pics! (*That teaches me yet again not to judge a book by its cover..) The animation was also amazing with so much detail in the hand drawn aspects of it. You can literally see the outlines of the characters and everything is really sharp and clear.

I was happy since I could watch the English dubs (sometimes it's easier for me to not have to worry about subtitles and instead listen and focus on the animation). I especially think Edward's voice in English fits really well too. His voice actor has great emotion when he does the voice overs which I dearly appreciate because the whole anime is a huge swirl of human morals, ethics, and emotions. Colonel Mustang also has quite a sexy voice, so commanding! lol And I'm not just saying the voice fits because I've only watched it in English. I've heard some really bad English dubs before so I promise I'm not being completely biased. Anime's where I think have the best English cast would probably be Tenchi Muyo!, Trigun, Fruits Basket, and School Rumble.

Speaking of School Rumble, it is yet another anime that I was introduced to through the wonderful Netflix. I would describe it as a much funnier version of Fruits Basket (which I also love btw). I think School Rumble gets to the point a lot faster though, part of this being because the original manga is shounen. Most shounen manga seem to be that way. The story moves faster compared to shoujo manga where the plot can go on about emotional stuff forEVER.

I'm already in love with all the characters for this anime, my favorite probably being Harima (tall dude with the shades). It's cool because the story takes you through the lives of all the side characters too. I don't think many anime's do that. School Rumble is a really cute, hilarious and so far, lighthearted story that you can enjoy to take the stress off your day. The animation is very nice and pleasant to watch with some hilarious 3D scenes that pop up now and then. And I promise that these 3D scenes are used in the best possible way. This is a comedy so it fits, you know?

And there's so much more on the instant queue that I haven't gotten to yet!!! They're mostly anime, yes but there's also some TV shows like Heroes, Ugly Betty, etc.

I got to watch a lot of interesting documentaries too. I recently watched one on the dam that's being built on the Yangze River which is really sad because it's costing so many people their homes but the Chinese government doesn't do anything to help these people.

The most recent I've watched was this documentary on Japanese male host cafes called "The Great Happiness Space." The documentary goes over the daily lives of the hosts at Rakkyo Cafe which was said to be the number 1 host bar in Osaka. I thought that it was also sad because what we see on the surface is nothing like what we would have thought it was. Like a lot of things in Japan, it's a fantasy on the surface that's covering something much darker below.

It's amazing how much a person can learn from Netflix if they use it accordingly. I've watched a lot of nature shows, documentaries, and independent films that really opened my eyes to our wordly problems and issues. There was also this one on North Korea that I found so interesting. I really don't like their leader now that I've watched it.

So there! I'm not only watching anime on Netflix. >.< ..................... but it IS mostly anime. lolz

Maybe I'll write another post or two if I feel inspired. There's a lot of stuff I still have yet to watch on Netflix. The ones I mentioned are the most current.

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