Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kakigori time!!!

This past Wednesday, I finally got my kakigori ice shaver in the mail~! ^o^
I bought it on Amazon for $25. I really don't care if it was a rip off or not. There's no place anywhere near my house where I could have bought this and I couldn't seem to find it anywhere online. u.u
I found it through lafujimama so I'll have to trust her sources.

I'm really excited to finally use the ichigo kakigori recipe that lafujimama posted on her blog. She is awesome for sharing that info because I don't know when I would have gotten the idea to make cream ice.

I've eaten it before at an awesome yogurt cafe but didn't really know how to make that kind of sweet ice. I found out later that it was sweetened condensed milk. They put cream/milk ice on the bottom, pile on fresh fruits, and put a big swirl of their original yogurt on top. It's soooooo yummy!! I wanna go back now... can't wait until the summer where it will be really hot outside. The yogurt will be so refreshing on that day. I just hate it because the distance to get there is far. Depending on the traffic, it can take anywhere from 20 min to an hour. It's all due to chance and timing. Wish we had one closer to our house but like most states, all the action takes place in downtown or in the south... -__-

Isn't it just beautiful?

I wish I could make yogurt like they do at that place... It's so delicious and their original yogurt flavor is perfect. I've never tasted original yogurt that good with the perfect balance of tart and slight cream flavor. They say their yogurt is non-fat tho so I dunno; If it really is non fat, it's amazing that their yogurt can still have that creamy taste.

Before we left, mom wanted to try one of the smoothies so she got this mango one with boba. It was actually pretty good. It tasted more natural and not like the crappy artificial tasting mango smoothies. The girl made it super fast too. It was like we were at a fast food place but it wasn't fast food. o_O

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