Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fixing up my roooom!

Wooooohooooooooo!!! I finally rearranged the furniture in my room-! I'm super happy with the arrangement.

My room seems to have so much more space in it. It's amazing what moving just a few things can do! Maybe now I can fit a low table in the center. I've been thinking of doing that just so I can enjoy a cup of tea in the comfort of my own room with the cool summer breeze blowing through the window.... And maybe work on school stuff xP. I'll have to find a table that would fit but that's a project for later.

Can you see the middle space? It's so amazing, I don't remember having so much space in the middle of my room before!

I worked with my mom a couple of nights back on my blanket cover. I'm so happy with it. I wanted the cover to have white on one side and some other color/print on the other. It worked out just like I wanted which is awesome because we don't always get our way in life. So when we do, it's an amazing feeling. x3
It was nice working on a project with my mom. Many kids these days have to learn that you can gain so much knowledge by simply listening to your parents and elders. I learned a bit more about sewing from my mom that night. I think sewing is a great skill to have later in life just in case I rip some clothes or need to hem stuff. And then I can make covers for pillows and blankets. :D I also learned about how much work and effort it takes to make one blanket cover. I was exhausted after we finished and crashed out on my bed soon after.

I also shopped at Sears for the first time and surprisingly, I really liked a lot of their clothing selection. Now my closet doesn't seem so empty anymore. I remember looking at a previous post and I was showing a picture of how I organized my closet. Omg, the closet was so sparse, so embarrassing! In the past, I would always have the problem of not having enough clothes for work or school. Now I never have that issue. Thank my lucky stars I found a good place to get affordable clothes. Sears has a lot of good sales. The only thing is that so many of their clothes seem like they're for skinny people because a medium size for certain things is really small. Don't matter to me though since I'm trying to lose more weight anyway and their clothes fit me alright since I'm small to begin with I guess..

Speaking of clothes, I've also been buying from yesstyle. I usually get jackets from their site because their stuff is TAKAI. Especially for a simple blouse where you can get it so much cheaper at Ross or even secondhand at a thrift store. I'm trying to be more resourceful and economical with clothes these days and get whatever I can in clothes from thrift stores. I do have certain things where I draw that line though. For example, I won't buy underwear, socks, or shoes from thrift stores. Sorry, I just can't do that.. But I don't think I've ever seen underwear sold at a thrift store anyway. Perhaps no one wants to buy underwear at thrift stores so they don't sell them. lol It's pretty nasty if you think about it.

Below is a couple jackets I've bought from yesstyle. I get my jackets from there because I can never seem to find a cool jacket like theirs anywhere else where I live. Jackets are my new clothing obsession. ^^

[will post picture later]

Last but not least, some cutesy stuff at the head of my bed.

Don't you just love how Rilakkuma makes you wanna sit on your ass and do nothing all day? lol

My pillowpet dust collector (and I say that in the most endearing way possible) can 'borrow' my glasses while I sleep and look so intelligent. o-o

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