Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finishing up this semester

I feel pretty happy today since I finished almost everything I told myself I would do. I had a lot of library books from my last speech's research to return so I went to two different libraries to return them. Yep, I do lots of research..., lol

Then I almost finished my self/peer evaluation for our most recent speeches during my break which is cool because that stuff can take a long time. Sooo I'm really close to finishing that. Just one peer evaluation left. I even finished the extra credit assignment, yaa!

What's left is studying for my next bio exam and finishing up the bio take home exam. Our teacher is being really cool about it because she gave us the exam today, and is even going to take questions on it for next week if we finish early and have questions.

I'm gonna aim for the 100, I don't care if she says hardly anyone gets it for this take home exam. I don't know why, but I've been aiming a lot higher for grades these days and my expectations of myself is a lot more too. I don't remember being this way a couple years back. It's amazing how such little time can change a person so much. Maybe I get it from my mom, since she was an obsessive perfectionist during her school years when she was getting her nursing degree through her bachelor's. She told me that I shouldn't be a perfectionist but I can't help it; I want to have high expectations of myself because it's like a personal test. I want to put in the extreme best of my abilities or I'll be that much farther away from knowing what I "could have" accomplished. I used to have that feeling quite often during my time taking lots of art classes. I couldn't focus my creative energies to the best possible level and then when I turned in an assignment, I would have this sick feeling that I could have done so much better and then feel like crap about myself. Maybe this is my mind's way of protecting itself from having this feeling again. So far I've gotten A's in all my classes (although I have only two so it is expected).

And a word of advice, in any kind of science class, it's always good to be detail oriented, humble and willing to learn about the subject, and careful. That's how you get your A's in almost everything. Or course, you have to know how to study right but that's why you ask questions if you don't understand something and make sure you got your facts straight. A lot has to do with understanding the big picture. If you can get the overall gist of something, you can dissect it and understand the smaller parts. Or vice versa, whichever is easier for you.

So yes, I shall be working on that bio take home exam, probably tomorrow since I don't have much else better to do. It's good to make use of that 'boredom' time before I possibly get distracted by something more interesting.

For example, I recently got addicted to Soul Eater..( ^ v ^ )

... and I was watching it for at least 2-3 eps in a row a few days ago. But my 'new anime high' has stabilized so it's not like I have to watch it every single day.

This anime was a really pleasant surprise when I first viewed it. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be that interested; I was thinking that this might be like some Naruto flick but it proved to be really different and surprisingly, I liked it! All the characters are really cool. That's the word for this anime, COOOOOOOOOOOOL (*insider joke, Soul's thoughts exactly.) This is a really funny anime too so you should watch it for it's 'coolness' and humor. It makes me laugh on many occasions. I would say that it proves to be a lot, if not, even more funny than School Rumble. Maybe it's because there's so much more to the story of Soul Eater and the character's personalities are even more crazy and 3-dimensional. The story can get pretty deep, and included are some hella awesome fight scenes; Therefore, it has a great balance of drama, comedy, and action. The animation also has a simplistic, somewhat graffitti-like style so it's fun to watch since it's so different from the usual anime designs. With its simplistic art style comes some crazy fight scenes are devishly cool btw~!

This all makes me think about hurrying up and finishing the semester. I might go on a trip soon after before all the other kiddies get out of school and the flights fill up. ^^ Gotta take advantage of the extra time and visit some fam in other states.

When I think about it, my makeup style today was really good. Usually the makeup smudges during the day but I think I may have finally created a look that is 'almost' smudge proof ('almost' because I don't think there's any makeup that doesn't ever smudge). It was pretty flawless although the falsies I put on the bottom of one of my eyes was annoying me for most of the day. I think I may have put too much adhesive on one of them so it kept sticking to my upper lashes every so often on the corner. Sorry, sounds so gross but it really annoyed me. Gotta make sure to put that shit on right or else I'll have a crappy time for the rest of the day. -___-

It took a lot of camwhore pics this morning and I'd post a pic but I would still like to keep this account at least somewhat private. I'll be posting a pic of the cool ninja jacket I wore on a different post anyway. ;P

The makeup was honestly really perfect. I'm gonna list the steps I did to get this Japanese/Korean inspired look:

1.) I wore organic Jason organic sunscreen (this formula was a fairly thin consistency so it wasn't oily)
2.) Put on some compact Missha BB cream
3.) Dusted on some translucent powder
4.) Covered up imperfections with concealer
5.) Put on some light brown eye shadow and highlighted the brow bone and the center lid
6.) Lined the bottom of my eyes with the same light brown eyeshadow
7.) Lined & tight-lined the top my eyes with the Revlon Color Stay eye marker
8.) Put on the top falsies
9.) Put on the bottom falsies
10.) Put on some Pearl Drop liquid glitter liner on the inner corners and under my eyes
11.) Put on some EOS lip balm and then added some pink lip tint.

It was so perfect! I know I'm no ulzzang but I really felt like one! lol
I probably would have added some bronzer and contoured my nose and along the sides of my face and maybe along my forehead but it was really hot today and didn't want to make the makeup too cakey. It can get really nasty if there's too much.

I like this look because it puts a lot of emphasis on the perfection of the skin which I love because if you're skin looks good, you usually look good. The eyes weren't too flashy since the eye shadow was so simple and natural. For the eyeshadow, I was inspired by the generic Japan eye makeup look where they usually use brown eyeshadow. The glitter on the underside added a bit of pop but it wasn't too much, it's just white translucent glitter.

I call the look Japanese AND Korean inspired because although the look appears a lot more Korean, it isn't really that natural-looking as I used bottom lashes and a distinct, colored eyeshadow for the tops and bottoms of my eye lids whereas the more popular Korean ulzzang looks don't make use of eyeshadows and if they do, just use a very light shimmer. They don't really seem to use the fake bottom lashes.

When I think about it, both Korean and Japanese can potentially use a lot of makeup for their looks but the Japanese look is a lot more flashy with their unnatural-ness while the Korean ulzzang look can possibly be, decievingly natural-looking. xP

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