Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brief Movie Reviews: Prometheus; The Hobbit; Iron Man 3; Wreck-It Ralph; My Neighbor Totoro; Toy Story 3

Since I've been watching lots of movies these days, I thought it would be cool to share what I've been watching and my brief thoughts on each of them.  I think these short movie batch reviews might be cool if you're looking for something that's not too deep but just a short snippet of what I thought of them.  Enjoy!

Prometheus  Rating: 5/10

The first thing I thought about this movie was why do they have to have so many landscape shots for the first 10 minutes of the film?  lol  Did they have any significance?  I don't think so...

This movie was pretty much what every critic told you to expect.  I read all the spoilers and reviews before watching this so I wasn't as disappointed as I should have been.  I wasn't even freaked out by anything.  And they call this a thriller... =_=

I highly recommend anyone who watches this movie to pirate it (as to not waste your money) and make sure to read spoilers, critic reviews, and parodies before watching.  It will make the experience much more enjoyable and you can even take this as a comedy!

The Hobbit  Rating: 8.5/10

I really liked this film.  The setting was very beautiful.  I would also like to point out that Gandalf seemed so OLD!  I think it was his voice.

I thought it was funny that Frollo made a cameo, even though he was just there to look pretty.

I also found it funny that the trailer for The Hobbit shows all this stuff that should happen, getting me super excited and then when I finally watched the film, I didn't see half of it.  Curse this movie being split into 3 parts.  Can't they split the trailer into 3 parts as well?

Either way, this film was enjoyable and well written, even if it wasn't the most exciting (in terms of where the story took us), it was cool seeing Gollum again.

 Iron Man 3  Rating: 6.5/10

So disappointing yet filled with so much.. promise?...  No, it didn't really have too much promise. (>.<)

What disappointed me the most was what they did to Tony Stark.  During almost the entire movie, he was this PTSD hero who was hardly ever in action with his Iron Man suit; when he was, all he did was suck balls at fighting off terrorists attacking his house only to end up fleeing north and destroying his suit.  And when he finally gets his suit back, he sucks balls again fighting against weird fire dude only to have his lady friend Pepper kick ass for him. 

Btw, in my defense, my issue isn't with PTSD itself; what really annoyed me was that they had the theme with PTSD and yet they never followed through with it...  Wth happened with this film?!

 Wreck-It Ralph  Rating: 9/10

I must say, this was a very innovative idea for Disney.  I found it highly amusing with so many video game cameos.  My inner fan-girl was touched.

It was quite amazing seeing the game world of 'Hero's Duty' because of its stark contrast to the retro Wreck-It Ralph.

What really got to me was the sound effects.  I liked the Mario-like sounds that were used because it made it seem so much more like you were in the game.  The creators were very detail oriented even going as far as to how the characters in the game moved.

My only initial criticism was the use of Rhianna's pop song in one of the scenes.  I found that to be a bit out of place.  Regardless, this is a fun movie with a fresh concept.

My Neighbor Totoro  Rating: 9/10

Did anyone else hear about the dark side of Totoro?  It was a rumor that started in Japan.  Here's the link if you're interested: Tonari no Totoro scary rumors

Despite the dark rumors about this film, I still found it very charming and fun.  Miyazaki does a flawless job capturing the joyful and carefree days of childhood.  The characters seem so realistic, that it makes even me feel like this story has a hint of darkness.

With this film being as lighthearted as it is, I find it somewhat amazing at how anxious I feel for Mei when she does something as simple as getting lost.  Even after years of not watching this, it's still charming as ever.  Btw, I prefer the Fox dub.

Toy Story 3  Rating: 10/10

One of the best trilogies of all time.  I had to re-watch this because it always brings me to tears at the end.

The story is amazing and the theme is so epic...  Pixar blew me away and then some.

The animation is better than ever and I love the story concept and the various settings.  Toy Story has come a long way from the first film and I'm so happy I got the chance to watch this film again.  It reminds me of the time I was a child and had boundless imagination that brought toys to life.

I highly, highly recommend this film to anyone with an appreciation for great animation and a beautiful ending that does a movie series justice.

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