Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trying to get in touch with my artistic self; Fandom post

So sorry.  I would have created a new post sooner but I was yet again sucked into tumblr's black hole of gifs.  That site can be sooo evil...  In a 'too good' kind of way.

I was literally up until around 4am browsing through gifs. ( o _ O )  Well, I might as well celebrate my finds with more gifs in this post!

Right now I'm drinking a nice hot cup of green tea...

... And munching on some pirouettes.  Life is good.

*Leaves to refill cup*

Okay I'm back!  So yes, I'm trying to get back in touch with my artistic side and putting an effort to draw and experiment with different anatomical perspectives.  I'll try to remember to post pics when I finish my reference sketches.

I spent one of my afternoons just looking up some research material for poses... 
Me after I was finished ----------> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

I was inspired to make a character design by one of my most absolute favorite shows for the summer,  
Game of Thrones!!! 

This show is my drug.  It's even gotten me pumped up for more fantasy series so I started watching Merlin on Netflix (although it just doesn't measure up to the epic quality of GoT...  it'll help me pass the time between seasons I guess). xP 

Like Game of Thrones, Merlin has an attractive and likeable cast.  Besides Merlin himself, I've somehow taken a fancy to King Arthur even though he started off as a total douchebag.......  well, he still kinda is but anyway!

Me likey... 8D

He seems like a character that has a lot of layers but I'll have yet to see what the story has in store for him.

Merlin is a pretty fun show; It's just that when it's compared to Game of Thrones, it's like comparing a fine wine to a can of beer...  At the end of the day, one just has more complexity and dimension than the other. 
I would consider Merlin to be cute in comparison to the nitty gritty Game of Thrones.   The tone of the story is lighter, even when they make attempts at a darker plot.  I'm wondering how much darker the Merlin series will become as it gets closer to the ending.

I'll stop stalling now and post my Game of Thrones inspired pic.

She's supposed to be Leaf, one of the Children of the Forest from the Game of Thrones books.  She hasn't appeared in the series yet so I'm having a lot of fun making up what I think she looks like from the descriptions.  I thought she might resemble an elf but I've seen a few other artworks of her that portray her with more animal-like features.

I still have a lot to improve on and this is just an experimental drawing/coloring.  ^^  It was really fun creating her and so hopefully I'll find a few other characters to portray.

Lastly, in commemoration of my crazy night of tumblr and Game of Thrones Season III, I'll post a few of my favorite Game of Thrones gifs while I'm still on this topic.  ;)

Surprisingly, I didn't find too many funny gifs but the ones I did find were pretty funneh! 

I couldn't resist, he's too cute. x3

Happily ever after with everyone's favorite Game of Thrones gif!

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