Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's so hard to save money... even if I don't go out!

Hello again!  I know I've promised to write more but sometimes it gets so redundant.  So that's why there's about a week gap between now and my last post.  This may happen again if I don't have many fresh blogging ideas. 

I've been watching a lot of movies lately.  Redbox has become one of my new best friends!  Hehe, jk.  I even went to the library to attempt finding some good fiction and eventually failed, ending up with only travel books, lol (but travel books are cool!  No bashing intended).  So it's back to movies for me..  And since I'm not the most articulate writer, I thought, hey, why not just make some brief reviews for whatever I'm watching?  Alas, I shall save that for another day.

It's been really hard trying to save money.  I want to save enough for my future nursing school tuition.  Surprisingly, it's not been as easy as I anticipated.  I mean, even if I commit my life to not spending money on frivolity and rarely going out anywhere, the internet has opened up a gateway to online shopping that's so hard to resist!  I find myself wanting to buy makeup, video games, clothes, and everything else under the sun.  Note to self: try to find low budget activities. 

With that said, there really isn't much going on in my life right now... D:

I was actually planning on visiting my grandmother in sunny Hawaii during the last week of June but she fractured her wrist and when I thought about it, that means that she wouldn't be able to pick me up from the airport anyway!  I'll have to find another day to make my trip there.  But the flights looked packed so maybe going now wasn't meant to be.  I was so wanting to go at that time too because my younger cousins and their family would be off the island going to some baseball thing on the mainland.
I'm embarrassed to say, but I sort of wanted them out of the picture while I visited Hawaii because it's soooo awkward for me to relate to my younger cousins.  Idk why but I suppose after they entered their teen/pre-teen years, I was already in my last year of high school/starting college and in addition to living thousands of miles away, I never got the chance to connect or interact with them.  We used to be really close when I was in elementary/middle school and it seemed to all fall apart during my last years of high school where I didn't visit much anymore.

Does anyone else have this issue with awkward family relations?  If you do, that's how I feel when I'm faced with the anticipation of visiting them (especially alone).  I just feel so much older than them and I don't really know how to adjust my psychological thinking to their level.  So whenever I see these cousins, it's sort of uncomfortable for all of us.  x(  This makes me think back to when my mom and I went to my cousin's birthday dinner at some buffet with just us family and omg, awkward!!! (And this was without my Uncle that I could never connect with even as a child.  Hey!  This is a good thing to talk about in another topic!)

I still have to plan for other trips I want to go on, hence me wanting to save even more money.  Geez, I'll have to have no life for a long time.  xD

That's all that's been going on.  After I watch the other movies, I'll make a batch post of brief movie reviews.

I've also thought about some interesting youtube trends that have been going on and I will share that in another post as well.  Take care guys and thanks for reading! ^^

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