Saturday, December 13, 2008

First time shopping at Sephora! Can you believe it?

Sephora Flashy Liner, $8. It is SO worth it. I use mine everyday now. It's my new undereye highlighter. I was previously using Revlon Diamond Lust [great product], but it's somewhat of a pain to apply (it's kinda dusty in texture because it's meant to be an eyeshadow). I think it's discontinued but now I have nothing to fear since I found the magical highlighter pencil! And it's waterproof!

The Sephora Enchanted Purple Palette cost $26. I WOULDN'T, and I repeat, WOULDN'T recommend anyone buying this product. Although it seems pretty and shiny with lovely colors, they don't last on your eyes, even with a primer. The glittery colors don't last as the glitter falls off your eyelids during the day and ends up on your cheeks.
I've tried applying this a couple of times and at the end of the day, all the shiny colors or any colors are dull and worn-looking. It's rather sad... well, at least I didn't pay $38 for it which is the average cost of eye shadow palette sets. :/

This is the Stila SPF15 Bronzer in Sun Shade for $28 that I got along with the Stila liquid foundations. It's nice if your face color tone is uneven with the rest of your body. You can apply this to your face to even the skin tone out or you can use it to create more depth to your face by applying it to the outer edges of your cheeks or wherever else you need more depth.

Along with this bronzer, I got the brush that matched with it. That cost me $26.

I got two Stila Natural finish oil-free liquid foundation both $38 (one for me and one for my sis). It works rather well and blends into my skin very nicely. It's not too thick and it's actually rather liquidy. If you want a thicker foundation, you'd probably want to get something else like Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation. That formula is MUCH thicker and actually has slightly better coverage. The Stila offers more of a natural look.

Okay, so all this stuff added up together cost me a grand total of...... dun dun duuuuun!, $168, plus tax!!! OMG!! xP
This probably seems like nothing to those other girls that've been shopping for this stuff for wayyy longer than I... lol

This was actually my first time shopping at Sephora too... Kinda sad but in the earlier years of my life, I was never really interested in makeup. I would always walk by and think, "damn, there's a strong smell of perfume in there...." o_O

Soooo, anyway, remember that Sephora eyeshadow palette?.. Don't get it. It's not worth the money.
I'm finally convinced that I will go to the MAC cosmetic store and just buy the damn palette eyeshadow deal... Everyone says MAC eyeshadow is the best, so I will have to judge that. Might as well give it a chance.
If you're ever thinking about getting MAC eyeshadow, I've found that making your own eyeshadow palette is cheaper and you get more colors.

A single MAC eyeshadow costs $14.50 which is kind of above average for just ONE color.

If you go in the making your own palette direction, then you'll have to first buy an empty palette.
A four eyeshadow palette case costs $3.50 and a fifteen eyeshadow palette case costs $12.
The single eyeshadows that you can put in these palette cases cost $11.
See? Sounds like a better deal huh? Especially since you can get different colors, yay! ^o^

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