Tuesday, December 9, 2008

love, bread, and ripoffs

Okay, I'm gonna sort of change my opinion on this drama after watching it for a while up to maybe... ep 5. What really urked me is the fact that Ariel Lin, once again, made herself an utter, pitiful, victim and Joe Cheng was the offender. I mean, he's the one who's broke, stupid, etc, etc, and yet Ariel Lin is somehow placed in a super pitiful position being victimized by none other than Joe Cheng.

I know I'm sounding super feminist right now but this was the exact same kind of theme going on from their other drama together with It Started With a Kiss AND its sequel. It's a super annoying theme that the script writers yet again pulled out of their ass.

So uh, if you wanna be thoroughly annoyed, be my guest to watch past episode five and give yourself a continuous migrane of how poor Ariel has to suffer as a victim of Joe.

I actually wrote a lot for the ripoff part. It just got deleted after I copied and I accidentally copied something else (the picture... -__-).
This had to do with the computer technician. I called them and made an appointment before thinking. The price they charged me was $50!!!
And this is just for slipping that card into the desktop computer and connecting the internet!

I ended up cancelling this appointment and am going to try installing that card myself. I was told that I only have to plug it into the CPU... I think that's what it's called.. I've got a desktop if that makes any more sense.

So a word of advice: DON'T get a wireless internet card installed for $50 because that's a serious ripoff. I've been told that maybe if the wireless card was included, it MIGHT be worth it.
I actually bought the card separate and that cost me only $25.

Thank god I didn't go through with that whole computer technician installation gig... Saved me $50.

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