Saturday, December 27, 2008


recently, i've watched the movie twilight on christmas eve! :D
it was a fairly good movie. i'm one of those people who read the book first so bear with me on my picky-ness.

it's very 'real' in the style of filming. i think it's mostly thanks to the music which isn't like the dramatic harry potter orchestrated music in the background. this movie actually had some songs incorporated. i seriously thought that this movie.... well, i was more like HOPING for this movie to have the dramatic orchestrated music but ah, no matter.
it was also filmed in the exact location of the book so that's definitely a plus with the true and beautiful forest of forks washington, including the eerie and misty beach of la push.

lol, the funny thing is that during the early half of the movie, i started to have the urge to pee (of course -__-). i had to suffer through it until the part where bella is in the ballet studio with the bad vampire and by that time, i think my bladder went numb.......... o_O

soooo, the special effects were okay. i think that most people were probably expecting something more because this was a big theatre movie. but yeah, what else can you think of?.. xmen effects? not likely.. i haven't seen many superhero action where they are moving extremely fast. i can only refer to the buffy series or charmed. how much better can you get? seriously... or else if they didn't do that 'whooshing' kind of effect, they most likely wouldn't have to use ANY effects with the person moving so fast, that they seem to appear and reappear without even moving!

as for the storyline, they did a so so job. in the beginning, it seemed like they were breezing through and only slowed down when the vampire action started. not that it's a bad thing, but it did leave out a lot of character development and relationship development with bella and edward.

and omg, they could have done SUCH a better job with the bella/jacob la push scene. i mean, wth didn't they film it when it was dark? that would've made the mood so much better!!! i was kinda irked by that part because it seemed like they were just speeding through it and i really loved that part of the book...

okay, so enough of my pissing.. the movie was alright but in my opinion, they really could've re-thought what parts of the book to speed through and what parts to spend a little more effort on.

and lastly, man, were eric and mike annoying! both actors did a REALLY good job with their characters! x)

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