Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I installed my own internet-! Yay!!!!

So today, I ended up hooking up the internet myself! I'm so proud. ^___^

I actually had a bit of a problem in the beginning but after calling customer service (for the internet company), I got some help and it all worked out.

They basically had to find the password number for our home modum and then I simply clicked on start, connect, selected our modum, typed in our password, and "poof!"... wireless internet connected! ;)

I had to go that route because when I tried connecting with the instruction CD, it didn't work.. -_-
The whole process took really long on the phone with the nice customer service girl but it was really helpful in the end and I'm sure that we both learned something. At least, how to connect to the internet with the wireless router when the instruction CD or connection fails. xP

And another thing I forgot to mention in the last post, I actually had a wireless USB and antenna thing opposed to a wireless card. Hm.. No wonder it was only $25. lol

In the end, I literally saved myself $50~! Now I can use that money for something else... per say.. Crocs Nadia boots!!! Woo Hooooooooooo!!! These things are so cute! And even though crocs aren't the most fashionable things in the world, they are freakin' comfortable! I can literally stand up with crocs shoes for 9 hours straight (my job sort of requires it) and when I get home, my feet don't hurt at all! Now with any other shoe, my feet are all achey when the day's over and that says something.
"CROCS RULE FOR COMFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
They're about $59.99 last I checked the site.. (yup, Imma bargain hunter).
I've still gotta verify so when I go to the store, they really are that price. You see I've checked at other places and they were selling for around $10 extra....

So two lessons today:
One, be a bargain hunter because it's worth it and two, try doing things yourself if you have an instruction manual because you can save money and feel more accomplishment with the things you do. And you also learn more new things.

..In my eyes, both save money and I think that's reason enough. ( $ v $ )

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