Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glasses, Computer, Camera, Kotatsu

so i've gotta get new glasses this week! ^o^i'm excited~! wonder what kinds of glasses i should get... because right now i have the classic seattle-looking glasses. black rims all around. kinda jrockish actually.i only wear them in the house so it doesn't really matter they look. i was thinking maybe pink glasses would be cute. ^^ ... but i've still gotta make an appointment. -_-

there's also the computer that i'm dealing with. recently, my stupid laptop died and it hasn't even been 5 years... it was an acer btw. don't get those. they kinda suck and overheat just by watching videos.
now i've got this new hp verde desktop. so nice. ''>v<''
i've still gotta hook it up to the net so that sucks. more and more time slipping away to play on my new computer.. T^T sniff...
i hope people in the world realize how nice and convenient it is to have a computer at home with internet.... i go home and if i want to do anything on the net, i have to drive 6 miles or so out to a local library and use the computers there. when i think about this, i can feel my life draining. lol, okay, not exactly but something like that. i'm an internet addict. well.. not the Warcraft or gamer kind of addict but i NEED the internet at home!!! O_O look at my eyes!!! they're so awake because i don't have my daily does of internet crack!!!!!!!

*ahem.... * aside from that, i still need a camera. so i can put cool new pics on here! ^___^ believe it or not, i have no camera. computer, ds, cell phone, (insert other anonymous electronics), but no camera. can u believe it?i'm debating whether to buy a video camera that can also take pictures or a camera that can also take videos. ugh.. it's proving very hard to decide and i'll probably have to do more research.whenever i get to building that kotatsu, i'd like to video tape the process and put it on youtube so that other people can also build their own kotatsu's! Yaaay!!!
trust me, i've looked on youtube and i didn't find ANY vids on how to build a kotatsu. it sucks! all i've seen was this tutorial thing that's somewhat difficult to follow. not trying to offend, the graphic pictures are nice but i still didn't get how to build the kotatsu just by that guide.. maybe i'm just not architecturally literate? o_O

okies, so that's all for today. i've still gotta figure out how to post pics on here.

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