Saturday, December 13, 2008

Internet issues...

So remember in my last post where I 'thought' I got my internet all readily set up? Well, it turns out that I ruined the connection of another computer in the process. >_>

Eventually, it took another couple hours on the phone with Quest Technical Customer service to get it all straightened out..

I felt kind of bad but hey, I was listening to the instructions on someone on the phone..
Now I'm thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn't give the person I talked with a review at all because even though I was connected to the internet, it threw off the connection for someone else and that means that the instruction I got was not adequate. >:(

As of now, my computer's internet service is running rather smoothly and if it ever does get disconnected, I can always try connecting with the key number I got off the router/modem thingy.
But right now, for some reason, the internet on the guest account is working but the internet doesn't want to connect on the main administrator's account. How annoying. -___-

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