Monday, December 29, 2008

Witch Yoo Hee = AwEsOmE!!!

This is the drama that I'm watching as of now, Witch Yoo Hee. It's rather impressive because I never thought that I would get so into it after the half point of the drama where my interest in most usually dies out.

Han Ga In acts as Yoo Hee in this drama and I gotta say, she does a kick ass job with her role. She's mean, nasty, witchy, and a cold hearted snake as her character is expected to be. Her character also grows a lot throughout the drama which I do like. I feel it shows that the character learns things along the way and gradually changes into a better person.

Another actor that I love, love, love is Jae Hee who acts as Moo Ryong. I've actually seen him in another drama called One Mom and Three Dads and he did a great job with that too.
Jae Hee has a way of making his character so endearing and heartwarming that I can't seem to get enough of watching him. x3

Look at that face~! He's such a cutie!!!
Below is my Jae Hee spam. It's not much but beware of the cutehotness.

smexy beast!

I lOVE Jae Hee!!! (^o^)
He's my fav Korean actor so far.

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