Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another boring day...

I know I didn't write this when it actually happened but about a month or two ago, my dad got me a heater! ^^
It was extremely useful since it got really cold from the last couple months and so I'd use it at night. The little Suppo-chin took a liking to it. x3

She likes the fireplace too but it's broken right now so she has to take the heater. lol
I still think this pose is so funny. xD

Since I'm already on a roll with my doggie pictures, here's a couple more cute/funny poses!

She looks up...

And goes back to sleep. lolz .......... I love my dog.

I was going to upload this picture on the last post but I was too lazy. See, I did buy a $30 perfume if u didn't believe me last time. To the right is my fav lipstick so far. It's a light nude pink color from Revlon and I got it on sale for around $2. Further right is the origami star thing I finished. Thanks to Aunty Shari who got me the cute star glass bottle. On the left is the green bear thing that I bought a long time ago and it's holding the egg that my cuz Brandon got me. hehe, I'm so sentimental.

Today I was pretty bored so I took my dog for a walk and then just cooked stuff. I made somen salad, miso shiru, and rice. Wooooooooooooooooo-!!!! Asian sensation~!!! v@o@v
I *accidentally* put too much miso in the miso shiru so I had to dump some out and then add more water. It was kind of a pain in the butthole.
And when I was getting ready to chop up the lettuce for the somen salad, there was a caterpillar on the lettuce. I was sort of grossed out since I watched animal planet before and got paranoid out about finding sliced up snail in the lettuce and getting encephalitis and dying. o_O
I washed the lettuce extra good.

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