Sunday, January 10, 2010

Internet obsessions, all-nighters, and other stuff..

I haven't really updated with whatever I was shopping for recently so I'll be writing an entry for that.

About a month ago, I went to a local target and bought a harajuku perfume in the love scent. At first I really didn't care for it but I eventually got used to it. >.>
Now I really like the smell. lol
It has a distinct flower scent and like most of the other scents of Harajuku Lovers, there's a slight initial smell of alcohol when first sprayed... but it goes away afterward.

The thing cost me about $30 but I think it's worth it. The smell lasts for a REALLY long time. I put some of this perfume on my jacket and it's been a couple months and the smell hasn't faded off yet. It's also a nice collectors item if you like kawaii doll things. x3

Online, I got really obsessed with Vocaloid. I knew it existed for some time from that Miku icon. I did wiki the thing but I didn't really understand WHAT vocaloid was. Fate has it, I was watching a yt vid on how to color on Sai and this very addicting song was playing. I figured out where the song was from and it happened to be a vocaloid song by Miku (Last night, Goodnight <-- very addicting song)! 0.0 From there, I just went ahead and searched up all these other vocaloid songs and there you have it! My obsession with vocaloid at its best~! After listening to most of them, my favorite vocaloid is Gakupo. I love Gackt so it's not exactly surprising. x) I also like Kaito and Meiko. Although I don't like many of Meiko's songs. She's not the most popular vocaloid but her voice is nice. Today..... or yesterday, I pulled an all-nighter. I didn't get to bed by 4am so I decided to just suck it up and stay awake. I did this on Saturday too but I crashed around noon since I wasn't doing anything. -___-v I suppose that's what messed me up for today. Well, no naps or I'll just have to force myself to go to sleep early tonight. You're probably wondering what I did to keep myself awake. To answer that question, I was watching Avatar (not the movie). It's an awesome series. I can watch it over and over again and not get bored. I also cooked a bit. Made some bagel pizzas. Mmmmmm ^^ I'm pretty awake right now and I'm waiting for Karyn to wake up. She's supposed to be going shopping with me today. My dad made a bet with me that I'll crash this afternoon. He bet me a dollar. Not that I care. I won't be sleeping today. I'm currently searching for this certain kind of jacket. Here's a pic:

Cute ne? I'm getting really tired of my black jacket. It's just so blah and I'm tired of looking so emo. This is my ultimate search item while shopping. Ganba-tte!!! >:o

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