Sunday, January 10, 2010

My long weekend [10-13-2009]

I was so surprised at how long this past weekend lasted. I think it's due mostly to the fact that I woke up super early. xD
On Friday, it was a fairly normal, boring day, just chillaxing after the week of school. Then Saturday rolled by as usual and then on Sunday, that's when things got interesting. I woke up a lot earlier than I usually do because I wanted to see my cousin, her bf, his bro, and her kids and have breakfast with them (in case I didn't get a chance to see them again).

I woke up at about 6:00am and got ready to leave by 7:00am. Me, dad, and Karyn drove up to Loveland to pick them up from the hotel they were at. It was a very nice hotel, an Embassy Suites I believe. It was hilarious because I called Tiff when we got there and she didn't pick up her phone a couple times. We found out a little later that they slept in. lol It's funny because it seems like something I might do.

We actually went up to their room to meet them and saw Chuck's brother, Sean first. He was very nice and friendly and then we saw Tiffany, Chuck's parents, and the two kids. They are so cute! I was surprised because Takeo was tinier than I thought he would be. x3

After they came back down with us, we went to a Village Inn and had breakfast there. It was nice and we all caught up on a lot of stuff. Dad was talking to Chuck and Sean a lot about the upcoming Bronco's game. >_>

Once we finished breakfast, we all went back to the house and Tiff and everyone got to see the house and yard. It was a nice visit. It was too bad mom couldn't see Tiffany as she was sleeping. I was surprised that Marc came up out of the dungeon to say hello.

So um, yeah, after that, Tiff, everyone, and Dad went to the Bronco's game and sadly, I wouldn't be able to see them when they got back because I'd be at work.... Although I am proud of myself for waking up early to join them for breakfast (waking up early is really not my thing. I'm a night owl).

My sleeping pattern was REALLY messed up after all of this. I believe it started from Saturday when I went to bed at my usual time and got maybe 5 hours of sleep. The next morning on Sunday, after breakfast, I was somewhat thrown off (any sort of change in my schedule throws me off balance) and went to work. Well, you can leave that to imagination. And then, Sunday night, I think I went to bed REALLY late. I'm seriously not sure why, but I ended up going to bed at about 3:00 in the morning. Then, monday, I wake up at 3:00 in the afternoon. -__-

I have to work on sketches for my painting class so of course with me being a major procrastinator, I end up working on the sketches throughout Monday NIGHT into Tuesday MORNING at 4:00am. At this point, I'm somewhat afraid to go to bed (I might not wake up) and so I go to my mom's bed because perhaps sleeping in unknown territory will make it easier for me to wake up from the alarm. It does work so I get up at about 7:30 and work through the day with 3 hours 30 min sleep. It worked out better than I thought it would, omit my stupid neck cramp that hurts sort of bad when I move too much... And then tonight, I try going to bed really early, 7:00pm in hopes of getting back on a good schedule but my sleep is broken and now it's 12:13am and I'm wide awake... Life can be so complicated... Although a good thing that came out of it is that I actually dreamt about something and I'm trying to get ideas for my abstract painting assignment. I dreamt about walking pidgeons [LMAO] so maybe I'll draw weird people walking pidgeons and a mixture of other dream things. lol

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