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My oddly eventful week [9-19-2009]

Miss Saigon

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, I went with Mom and Karyn to the play called Miss Saigon that was playing south in the Arvada Center. It was a rare thing as plays are continuously moving from state to state. I haven't been to a play since I was in elementary or early middle school. I was pretty excited but I didn't expect to be SO impressed by the actors.

They were all very talented and I was so moved! I was teary-eyed on a good few parts and then cried at the tragic ending. It's one of those plays that give you the chills on a lot of parts. I was so into it.

The story of Miss Saigon is about a girl (Kim) that's sold to a whore house in Saigon, Vietnam and she meets this American G.I. soldier because his friend bought her for him. He's initially against the entire whore house thing but after he finds out that Kim is a virgin, he falls for her innocence and purity. The story revolves around Kim and her life of how her love, the American soldier Chris, tries to get her to America with him but fails and her life of waiting for him to return to her and the son she fathered by him. It's a very sad love story.

There was an intermission at the half point of the play so we went out to get some snacks (at Karyn's suggestion). They were somewhat expensive in my opinion but Mom was saying that we have to "support the economy" and "live the moment." She's right in a way, but that's mostly for her case because I'm poor. So, we got, as I remember, Coke, a Twix bar, and M&M's.

Overall, my Mom gave me this wonderful experience and I love her for it. I don't think I would've considered going to a play if she hadn't suggested. We're planning on seeing the Phantom of the Opera play if it ever comes out.

I noticed at the theatre that there were a lot of senior citizens working there. It thought that was interesting, and cute in a way. lol

The ride to Mom's schoolMe, Karyn, and Mom went drove south to her school on Wednesday. It was a far drive, but I do have to get out of our little suburban neighborhood. We were going to go to this Vietnamese restaurant for lunch around there for their yogurt but found out, much to our dismay, that it was a lot farther south than we thought. And not wanting to get caught in unnecessary traffic, we just went to the college, its library, and then headed home.

The library at Mom's school is so quiet, it's uncomfortable. Even then air doesn't seem to move, making the setting stagnant. Not even a breeze. But I bet they don't put a fan in because it would be deemed, 'too loud'. In the end, I didn't enjoy that library much because of the uncomfortable atmosphere of over-seriousness. Not that I'm against it, it's just not my thing. I'm sure that doctors and all those medical people have to study extremely hard with remembering all the scientific info so of course it has to be quiet. But damn, they should crack a window in there!

The school was overall deserted. There was a volleyball group playing on the campus but that was all the action that we got. It was all odd because it was a weekday.

We got what we were looking for there so after that, we headed back home but stopped by an Ace Hardware store to get the Exacto Knife and glue I needed for class. Luckily, they were both fairly inexpensive.

Then we went to Baskin Robins and got ice cream... lol, we're all fattening up for the winter. I dropped mine though, the lower half of the cone. I was so sad.. T.T

I then proceeded by leeching off Mom and Karyn's ice creams. hehehe

Horse Riding

So yesterday, I went to a horse ranch with my dad and sister. It was a very fun experience. I do love my dad for being so outgoing with activities and for taking us to ride horses. He does all the research, directions, driving, planning, everything. He would've made a talented tour guide or host.

So when we got to the ranch, the 'wranglers' picked out our horses. I got this cute horse named Monkey. x3
He was a beautiful black-red color. He liked to eat the grass while we went on the trail. lol
I felt a bit bad for him because our tour guide, Rachel told us that he hadn't been on that hike for the whole summer while all the other horses did. He did a great job though.

The whole while when we were all riding up the mountain, I was feeling so bad for Monkey because he would have to climb up pretty steep rock hills and go down pretty steep rock hills. I was a little afraid that he would slip and we both would go tumbling down the mountain. o_O
But we didn't so I was happy.

The funniest thing though, was that Karyn's horse kept farting! lmao!
And a little insider joke... Well, maybe I shouldn't say. Oh, why not. Karyn herself farts a lot at home and so I was thinking that it was so hilarious that she got paired up with a horse that's exactly like her! Hahahahaa

So, after the horse ride, we went walking around in Estes Park and that was pretty fun. First, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen. Next time, I'll probably tell Dad not to buy from there any more because the cute, independent candy shops also sell ice cream and the diary queen one wasn't all that good. I'm sure Dad thought the same.. There are a lot of old candy shops on that streets and so we went to a few of those and got chocolate strawberries, toffee, and cotton candy.

Dad wanted to go out for lunch there so we went to this restaurant and since I wasn't hungry and try to avoid beef, I had a salad. Dad and Karyn had their burgers and fries.

After all that, we headed back home but stopped by Panera Bread because Dad wanted to get Cheese Bagels for Mom. ^^

That was basically my day. Then I went back home and got a message from my 3-D Design teacher telling me that the class critique would be on Tuesday opposed to my assumed Thursday.. Great...... But it WAS nice of him to give me a notice or else I would've probably gone into class on Tuesday, embarrassed because I'd be the only one with a horridly unfinished project. I did very much appreciate that, even though I would go to the studio in the morning on Saturday to be followed by many unfortunate events.

For an end, I thank my wonderful Mom and Dad for giving me these fun opportunities and privileges to expand my mind.

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