Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY Bangs!

So yesterday, I surprised myself by gathering up the nerve to cut my own Japanese inspired bangs! I watched a couple tutorials on yt before attempting this and I'm so glad I did.

I took these pictures (below) after I got back from work for the day so sorry if my bangs look all nasty and oily... xP They're usually fluffier but you know how it goes after a long day. The hair usually gets flat and you get oil buildup, bleh..

I've been hesitant to get bangs for a while now because I was under the belief that if a person's face is not heart shaped or really small and skinny, bangs won't look good on them. I have proved to myself that this assumption is highly inaccurate. Bangs are not features made to make a person's face look fatter. It's supposed to cover up more of a person's face to make the face appear smaller! I also had many times where I would cut my bangs (doing a pretty bad job) in the past but after watching tutorials, I've realized that my trimming methods were really sloppy and ineffective. I was cutting my bangs too thin and not leaving enough hair to frame the face. I didn't even section off hair so omg, you can imagine what horrors I was doing... Live and learn. -___-

To start the process, I prepared the bathroom. I cut a plastic bag into a flat rectangle and lay it over my bathroom sink. The tools I used were a couple hair ties, a cup of water (that I would find out I didn't really need), a comb, and hair cutting scissors. First I had to prep my bangs. I sectioned off my hair making the hair line for the bangs slightly behind my ears. I wanted thicker looking bangs but not too thick so I didn't section off half way like it's usually done. I tied the hair that was not for the bangs back and tied the section of hair for the bangs in the front, evaluating the hair division and hair line before I decided to snip away. One of the yt videos suggested using a razor comb (which is basically a comb with a built-in razor) and uneven scissors which looked like one of the blades was a comb. I didn't have any of those tools so I just used simple hair cutting scissors. It worked okay for me but instead of having my bangs wet while cutting, I let them dry because it was so much easier for me to trim them evenly that way.

I was so happy with the results because my bangs looked a lot like the examples in my Japanese hair magazine. The bangs also seemed to take years off my age. I think that bangs in general can make a person look so much younger. I remember cutting my bangs before but they never turned out looking so chic! I made sure the bangs on the sides were longer so they can effectively frame my face. This creates a cute dolly look.

I'm generally scared to go to a hair stylist because I usually don't get the desired results and I don't like blaming other people for not fully understanding what I want.

I just love the results! I'm so happy because I actually created these bangs myself and I love taking pride in my own work.
So I created something beautiful AND saved money! Oh yeah! Double WIN!!! ''^o^''

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