Monday, May 16, 2011

Saving more Water

I know, I know. It's so late to be doing this. But better late then never right? I was thinking about my mom always telling me that I waste so much water in the shower. For a while, I didn't think much of it because I have a sister who wastes so much more water than I do. But then I took a shower this evening and after thinking about it and she's actually right. I really have to stop running the water so much and at a high pressure too.

Today I lowered the water pressure and turned the water off between washing my hair, face, and body. I realize that I usually leave the water running while washing my hair and face and it really does waste a lot of water.

I thought to myself that if I put the water on lower pressure so less comes out of the faucet, I can essentially enjoy the hot water for a longer time because I would technically be using less water. So it's a good trade off if one stops to think about it.

It will always be my lifelong dream to have a Japanese style bathroom. I feel like their way of bathing is really efficient because instead of standing under the shower for a long period of time to enjoy the feeling of hot water, they use controlled amounts of it to wash BEFORE they soak in a tub of hot water that they can save for about a week. They can do this because they're already clean before soaking in the water. In some cases, they even use this water for washing their clothes! The Japanese are so efficient that they even connected the bath tub water to their washing machine. I feel like the Japanese are so lucky because most of the population get their own mini hot tub. 欲しいです...

It's important to be as resourceful as we can to save water because it affects all future generations living on this Earth. What if you have children, nieces/nephews, or just younger people than you who you care about? Think about what their life will be like if everyone keeps wasting water. Also think about all other wildlife on this Earth. We only have one planet to live on and we should appreciate its resources it gives to us and not waste it.

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