Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Japanese Pa Lashes Haul/Review

On my recent trip to Washington, I visited Uwajimaya and in their gift section, they have these Pa eyelashes. They currently cost $3.50 each which isn't bad because when I shop online, I usually see them for a very similar price. I didn't have to worry about shipping there and so I bought about 10 of these.

After using these eyelashes, my feedback on them is that they are indeed a little more on the stiff side in terms of the part of the eyelashes that you adhere to your eyes. Although I think it's okay because they're not super stiff like the Hime or Pretty&Cute lashes.
In my experience, the stiff lashes are usually a lot more difficult to get on your eye and they can easily fall off. They're also a lot more uncomfortable if you don't fit them to your eye just right.

When I buy lashes, I have a preference for the lashes with the flares on the ends. I feel that they look more natural and they have a bit more edge. They're very effective in lengthening the eyes.

I've also tried out their bottom lashes and well, I didn't really have much luck with those because of the stiffness. It made it a bit more difficult to put them on and my left eye kept on watering up in the corner. I suppose it wasn't a good day for bottom falsies... -.-

I think that Pa eyelashes are okay for a select few top lashes like the natural ones with the flares but for bottom lashes and the demi looking ones (darker and thicker lashes), I'd probably steer clear of those because in my experience, the darker and thicker the lashes, the stiffer the base.

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