Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally going on another trip!!!

Some family came to visit yesterday so I picked them up and brought them to the house. It was cool because I could show off my kakigori maker~! ^o^
I made the strawberry syrup and mixed the sweetened condensed milk with some 2% milk so and it went perfectly with the ice. The taste is comparable to goodie goodie ice cream but not as sweet. The family all thought it was delicious and refreshing.

I'll write about the kakigori maker in a future post since I don't have any pictures of the actual thing right now. It's so delicious and I'm so excited for that really hot day where I can make that and eat it with family. This summer is gonna be good.

My mom suggested that I go back with the family as an early summer trip since I'm finished with this semester of school. It's a little sad since I'll be leaving on Mother's Day but I did everything I could do in my power to make my mom feel special these past couple of days. And there's also the fact that my mom is probably working on Mother's Day...
She asked for a clean house so I cleaned the house on Friday. Then I bought her colorful roses and put a single pretty pink one in her room. Me and my sis wrote short notes on why we appreciate mom so much and I think she was happy with it. Mine was all long and detailed while my sister's was short and to the point. I think it's so funny that I'm still in the essay writing mode from this last intense week of studying for exams and writing papers. xP Either way, she said that both notes were very heartwarming and sweet. :D
I also got the chance to make her the new kakigori and she got the most perfect bowl of it. I'm preparing ice blocks for her while I'm away since it's gonna be really hot during the time I'm gone. I hear the temperatures are going to rise to the 80's.

I'm thinking about what I should take with me on this trip. I don't want to take too much because I like to shop and need space in my bag to bring stuff home. I'm mostly thinking about makeup actually, lol. I don't want to take any creams or liquids because I hate dealing with that crap. I'll have to make do with simple eye shadows, marker eyeliner, and foundation compacts. I think I'll try rocking the glasses look while I'm away just because I can't really do much with my eye makeup without all the necessities I'll be leaving at home.

I feel like I accomplished and got a lot done before leaving on this trip.

- I got all the maintenance with my doggie up to date by making a huge batch of her food, giving her lots of walks, and giving her a bath yesterday. She now smells like sweet baby shampoo ^^. I really have to find her a different source of shampoo though because I've been further educated and now know as a fact that Johnson and Johnson (which sells baby shampoo and many other cosmetics and lotions) tests on animals and I don't want to contribute to animal cruelty.

- I cleaned the house by vacuuming, dumping all the trash/recyclable items, washing the dishes, and folding blankets.

- I got the kakigori maker going and put all the sauces for ichigo kakigori into separate bottles, made special kakigori w/ice cream for mom, and prepared extra ice for mom before I leave on the trip (it's going to get really hot here this coming week. I think she'll want ichigo kakigori).

Sometimes I think to myself that I would make a perfect housewife, lol. I don't really tell anyone this but I'm finding that I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning. I dunno, it makes me feel productive and I feel like I have to DESERVE to have a break so I work hard to earn my relax time. x)
Then again, I like to do a lot of other stuff that requires organizing and getting stuff done.. :/

I passed both semester classes with flying colors since I never ditched once and studied most of the time. I'm a little disappointed with my most recent bio exam result though.. I thought I did really well on that exam but instead of getting a high A, I got a low A! D:<
Dammit, that teaches me to double check even though I was extremely careful on each of the 66 multiple choice questions... I did do pretty well on the take home exam though. 95/100 baybeh! I was aiming for 100 but eh, I'll never know what I got wrong. It's too bad our class can't see the tangible final exams since we're already out of school. I'm not so obsessed as to meet up with my instructor after we're out for the summer.

I'm so excited to do some shopping. Maybe I'll find stuff that I can't find here on my out-of-state trip. ^____^

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