Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should we still be buying CD's???

Every time I take out my old CD's and look over them, I think to myself, WHY are companies still selling them?

Seriously, all music is starting to become electronic and on the computer. We can easily 'buy' music from itunes and store them on our hard drives. People can also 'pirate' music from non-legal sources with little to no consequences. I admit, I've done it before.

So why are CD's still being sold? I guess maybe this is being aimed toward the population that still hasn't moved on from their good ol' CD players. But c'mon, even cars are starting to become compatible with mp3 players like Ipods and Zunes.

My prediction is that CD's will eventually fizzle out like the record player. It can still exist, but it will be rare.

I don't really mind this kind of change because it would save a lot of plastic and other materials for making the CD's and their cases. Maybe it's good that we're trying to make things more compact. It would take up much less space in the landfills.

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