Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 'must have' apps for the android smartphone

Just for the record, I'm not including the basic and essential apps such as the camera, calendar, music player, messaging, clock, etc. just because we already know those are awesome and most smartphones have those as at default.  :)

#1 Youtube
I watch yt all the time so it would be weird if I didn't have this on my phone. xP  It's fairly good at predicting what I would want to watch but still not the best video predictor.

#2 MangaZoo
I stumbled across this app a long time ago and although there are a lot of other manga apps out there, I love Manga Zoo's organizing system; They provide little snapshots of each manga in your favorites section, categorize manga into different genres for you to easily browse, usually provides synopsis's of manga, checks off manga chapters you've already read, and lets you search your favorite mangaka.

#3 Gmail
Gmail, yahoo, or whatever other emailing system you use, it's really helpful to have an app for it.

#4 Instagram
Now don't get me wrong, I'm no pinterest hater, I simply downloaded Instagram first.  I was introduced to instagram by a cousin who lives in another state including pretty much all my other cousins.  I mostly use instagram to picture stalk them and see what they're up to, lol.  I also have fun looking up different 'hashtags' which are just categories that pictures are put into and find someone's pictures that I like.  It's also a pretty awesome way to see the world if you can't always travel to certain places.  Say there's someone in Japan posting pictures, you could 'follow' them and see their world through pictures.  I find that truly amazing.

#5 Netflix
Like youtube I also have netflix so eh, why not have it on my phone?  At first it was a novelty to have a movie or TV show playing on such a small screen while I'm laying in bed.  But now that I have a TV in my room, I don't have much of a need for it.  Then again, I could always use it to kill time somewhere if I have my charger in hand and a lot of data to spare.

#6 PhotoWonder
A girl's gotta camwhore sometime right?  I really like PhotoWonder's beautify option where you can do things from making your skin look nicer to making your eyes bigger.  Anyway, it's fun if you want to prettify yourself and have some vainity time on your phone.  lol

#7 Cat's Brightness
This app is good for me because it lets me easily adjust my screen brightness depending on how far gone my battery is.  This helps so much for conserving my phone's battery life.

#8 AccuWeather
This is a widget app meaning that it's already functional on the phone screen without having to hit an app icon.  I like this weather app because it's extremely detailed, accurate, and doesn't take too much space on the screen.  It also gives me over a week of extended forecast.

#9 Music Paradise
This is my special little app that I use to download music *It will be our little secret*.  It doesn't have all the music but it has quite a range of selection.  Hear a song you like?  Try looking it up on Music Paradise.  You just might find it on there and be able to download it to your phone!

#10 Cute Puppy Memo
Here's another widget that's super adorable.  It features a cute little dog of your choice with either a thinking bubble or voice bubble filled with all your notes.  It's super cute and a great notepad for your phone.  You can write stuff like a grocery list or things to do and you'll be constantly reminded of it each time you look at your phone.

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