Monday, March 4, 2013

Headphones, yogurt, and bubble tea

Do you ever have that moment where you buy something cool online only to find it in a store nearby?  ( -__-) ....
That happened recently but I'm very happy to say that I saved some money anyway simply by purchasing it online.

Online shopping  >  Regular shopping

The headphones in question are these white Sony headphones and I bought it for about $14.

Aren't they cute?

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase although I don't like the fact that the headphones flatten my hair.  I'm not sure how I'll get around that issue though.  Another awesome fact about these headphones is that they don't give me a headache!  Usually when I wear headbands, headphones, or anything else that clings to my head, I end up with a headache after just a few hours of wearing them.  Not with these babies!  But the downfall of the wideness of the headphones is that it makes the top of my head look flat unless I style my hair to compensate.

You won't get the sound quality of Bose or Beats headphones but these work well if you don't care for all the fancier stuff and just want something that looks cute. 

I found out today that these headphones also work well as earmuffs.  I walked through 30 degree weather with toasty warm ears for the first time in my life.  (" ^ . ^ ")

Change of topic, I've had a lot of yogurt for the past couple weeks.  Mochi balls and yogurt is soooo addicting!

 I don't care if it's snowing outside, I still want my yogies! ( > v < )
 The waffle cone was pretty good!

I wonder if the average person knows what mochi balls are or where they originated (Mochi is from Japan if you don't know)...  just because they're so common in yogurt shops now. 

Besides yogurt, I also ventured downtown and got some bubble tea/boba!

I had the red bean flavor and it tasted exactly like red beans but it was a bit too sweet for me.  Mom got the usual: Green tea.  The green tea is always good and it was actually a nice balance with my red bean flavor since the green tea boba is on the bland side.

It was a good day out.  I still think it sucks that all the good Asian cafe's and restaurants are downtown and we have to drive far to get there.

Sadly, I've been neglecting my game consoles.  I guess I've been busy with work and one of my classes.  AND the internet is my only downfall when it comes to time management.  Does anyone else have those moments where you get so absorbed with something on the internet such as:

- [ Insert topic ] Wiki
- Internet Memes
- Youtube surfing
- Google images
- Idol obsessing
- Wikipedia surfing
- Falling into the Tumblr black hole of gifs

Yeah, this is where you'll find me if I ever get sucked into mindless internet surfing.  And then after all that, I have no time for video games *sniff*.  

I still have to finish KHDDD, KH 358/2 Days and FFXIII-2.  I'm happy to say that I finished TWEWY a while ago although me being the noob that I am, set the majority of the boss fights to easy setting..

Anyway, I have a policy where I won't buy any new video games until I finish the ones I already bought and play the hell out of them first.  So sadly, I'll have to wait a bit longer to buy some shiny new PS3 games.

Here's the doggie pic of the day:

The first time I saw this guy sleeping with his tongue sticking out. lmao

That's about it for now.  I still  haven't gotten my huge Sasa order in the mail yet even though it's been a week.  *Grrrr...* 
Patience is a virtue!!!!!

Sorry guys, not the most interesting blog post but I really wanted to post these pics I edited with Line Camera.  xD

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SuperDrew said...

Oh man, I hate when I find online stuff at a store. I also am extremely weak on time management, especially around the interwebs. When it comes to headphones however, I need something that delivers. I usually go for Skull Candy. And as far as video games, well, I have a ps3 with like.... 5 to 6 games? I dunno. I don't usually have money for new games. I wish I did.