Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer parasols

I'm currently searching online for the perfect summer parasol.  I'm a lot more aware about the long-term damage of UV rays on the skin and the risk of skin cancer so I've decided to make a life change and use anti-UV parasols on sunny days.  I'm super obsessed with skin care so I've decided to adopt the Asian way and take an extra step to protect my skin.

One of the things I hate most is the sun blasting in my face so buying a parasol has been one of my best purchases so far.

I forgot to mention that I actually did purchase a parasol a couple weeks ago and it's almost perfect except for the fact that its diameter is slightly too wide for my preference.

< Umbrella, why u no smaller? )

Besides that small issue, the parasol works great and does a nice job of keeping the sun out of my face.  I don't really give a sh*t what people think because I get even more irritated when I can feel my face burning under the intense rays of the sun.

Most of America doesn't seem to be used to people carrying parasols and I hope that they start to catch on about the risks of skin cancer and premature aging.  They should take better care of their skin and stop being dumbasses spending their money on tanning salons.  It's like paying to make your skin uglier!  WTF, I'll never understand.  The most hilarious part of this is that some people actually believe that skin tanning is beneficial to the skin.....  I really want to go up to these people and be like......

  WTF!!!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm currently trying to catch up on some studying but it's not that easy without my computer and everyone in the living room is so distracting..

I'll try to complete at least one practice quiz. *Grrrrrrrrrrr* Wth is my graphics card taking so long?!!! D:<
I'm literally dying of un-motivation!

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