Friday, March 29, 2013

My computer-less life so far

My computer is still down and I'm currently using a laptop in the living room.  It's not really the same though..

Today I went out shopping for a plastic drawer thing to put my clothes in.  I've had this cardboard makeshift dresser shelf thing for the longest time and I've finally graduated from it after all these years!  I'll post a pic later since I don't have the luxury of my computer yet. xP

I also found some clothes at Ross and I'm contemplating on whether I should go to the mall and look for clothes there.  I don't like to admit it but the mall really does have some of the best deals, even better than Ross.  I just hate having to run into all the kiosks there with the aggressive salespeople.

Vegetable pastas are something I've recently gotten into and I'm still trying to find a good recipe.  I'm not that great with dishes that don't contain meat unless it's ramen/soumen so creating this pasta is much more challenging.

While I was at our local farmer's market, I scoured the produce aisles in search of some good vegetables to go with pasta.  After experimenting, I've found that most vegetables will go well with pasta, but it's best to keep it simple and choose a few types of veggies so the taste of the dish doesn't get too overwhelming.  I've also found that the most important aspect of pasta is its sauce.  I didn't realize how important that was (here I was thinking that all I would have to do is pour some olive oil on it, lol).

My dream is to make Japanese mentaiko pasta..  I just have to find a store that sells fish roe.

That's about all I've been up to so far. I've started a new drama on Netflix called My Fair Lady and it's really funny.  It's about this poor guy who has a run-in with this vicious rich lady and through a slew of events, becomes her personal butler.  I was in serious need of a pick-me-up drama after the depressing/bittersweet ending of 49 Days.  I'm also happy because it casts the lead actor, Yoon Sang Hyun who I absolutely adored in Secret Garden.  He's one of the funniest actors I've seen in k-dramas.

Somehow I feel so lost and unorganized without my computer... ( T A T )

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